Scaling and Tracking

Ok so here is what I am doing and wondered if I am doing something wrong.

I take my media shot and re-scale to 37% in size. This is the size I need it in the final shot

Then I setup a track on the a point on the media, only when I do this it brings up the original size media in the LAYER. Track works fine but when I apply it to my now re-scaled image it is way off.

Do I have to apply all my VFX layers that are tracked to my media before I re-scale, if this is the case it is a pain as the media is an embedded comp that I then add effects on top in another comp shot.

Any tips or advice greatly received.


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  • Small update, oddly on the original tracked POINT in the original comp it works just by re-scaling the POINT, but when I copy that over to the top comp I can move the ancor point to the new start location and when I move it on the thing that I am applying the track data too, it just then seems to revert to the original scale values.

    Oh you know what don't waste anytime on this , I simply key framed it. Sorted!!!

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    Not sure entirely what you were doing with scaling which and what, but if you create a Master Point and Parent the things you want scaled to that (possibly including one of the other points; wasn't sure of your setup) then you can scale that and it'll trickle down to everything else.

    I do this when I've tracked something and want to affect everything, the video, attached things, the tracking point, etc.  Make a new point, Parent everything to that and adjust it. Happy ;)

  • Yeah I did that but how to move that new master point to the location of your desired location that needs tracking, moving the anchor point seems to do diddly squat. I know I am missing something but for the life of my I can't figure it out and I am out of time.

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    Move the actual position of the Master point; that's what's dragging everything else with it, not the anchor.

    OK, it will affect things, but it's not necessary with a Point.

  • I had thought I'd tried that hmmm need to look again.

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