HFE worked perfectly for the past 2 months -- now crashing all the time

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I had near-flawless performance with HFE for the past several months.   But in the past week or so HFE keeps crashing.  I am not using unusual file type or standards.  It's all motion graphics made in Photoshop.  I have not changed my workflow or the kinds of graphic animation I'm doing. I do not have any add-ins, nor am I using any outside software with the program.

I've had repeated crashes while I am watching my work in the Editor window.  Now I just got a crash when I exported a file to check the motion and animation.  And now I just got a crash when I opened the HFE Program Options box -- what's going on?

I do not believe I have resource problems -- system specs below. I've been working for months with Photoshop open  and a browser open -- no problem.  Now I'm getting crashes even with Photoshop closed.

While I'm building in the Compositor, I get slow playback at times, even though I have 32GB RAM.

 When HFE crashes , the program offers me the option to send a crash report to the company, which I do. Who gets these crash reports?  Can someone there tell me what I need to fix so I can continue working?

MoBo:  ASUS z7c

i-7 4790k

Graphics card:  ASUS Geforce GTX 760 DirectCU II oc


Windows 10 


  • Go to here: http://www.tweaking.com/ and download and run the Free Windows Repair Tool.

    Unlike other bloatware, adware and junkware this actually works, as its just running several built in fixes for Windows.

    Although if you prefer to do things manually, I'd start with running CHKDSK on the drive. A mangled filing system can cause crashing errors when everything else seems to be working fine.

    If nothing else you'll know your PC is fit, then maybe try updating graphics drivers, or rolling back if you recently did that.

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    @Davlon there's a very good chance this is more of a Windows problem or issue than a HitFilm problem. Several users, including myself, have recently reported experiences virtually identical to yours in the last couple of weeks. As near as I can tell at this point Windows 10 is common to all of them and in my case I can pinpoint the problem to starting right after a Windows 10 update reboot.

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  • I happened to have found @Palacono 's tip quite potentially useful for when I'm forced to move to my new Win10 machine with Hitfilm. So, thanks, Palacono!

  • Indeed! Great advice @Palacono

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