Free two day film course access 4th 5th April

Ryan gave out a cracking bit of info on a free event check out


  • @Andy001z Looks interesting! 

    From what I gather on the website you can sign up for Free (base access)  to watch each presentation, but you have to do so within 24 hours before it is taken down.  Otherwise if you pay for a Lifetime membership, you can watch anytime, plus access other material.

    I'll give the Free option a try and see.  (Yeah! more stuff in my inbox.)


  • I managed to see a few some years ago and they were not too helpful  for me, but I guess they can be for others?  I remember one about getting good blacks and it was (more or less)  a guy saying "Get a RED and overexpose when filming, then take it back down in the grade". I am sure there was more to it, but that is what I retained and it is solid advice, but also not something that blew my mind or had not occurred to me independently (the over expose and then take it down, not the have a RED part).

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    @AramM ; I am definitely skeptical.   It could turn out to be a waste of time, as you describe.   Which is why I'm not planning on buying in.

    If I were to spend some money, I might consider something from the series.   But honestly, you learn by doing and by working with knowledgeable people in the field.  

    Reading a book or watching a tutorial on the subject only goes so far.   You have to put those principals into practice for yourself.  And to become considered "good", you have to work at it every day.   To be "great" is to work even harder and have an innate talent that few others have.

  • All valid comments, I was just sharing the info, you can decide to watch or not. Personally I prob don't have time but if someone does take part do post a review for others to understand what it was like.

  • I am currently funemployed and will definitely check some again (unless I suddenly get a job next week). There's one about getting good images with DSRL cameras that I want to check, but I fear it will be the usual (lower your contrast, lower your saturation, lower your sharpening, make sure your lighting is on point (not easy!)) plus some practical techniques like add fog or use this or that filter.

    I'll take notes if I think it is information worth distributing.

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