Updating HitFilm

I am trying to update hit film 2017 , can't find where  ,thanks



  • jaajaa
    edited April 2017

    Recently upgraded to hit film pro 2017 , but i am having problem with the tracking I can't track any video clips , i am not suer if anyone else got this problem , I update ,uninstall the HF and reinstall still is not working , I tried it with Hitfilm 2 it is working and also i tried with hit film 4 (DEMO ) it is working fine, I use Mac, so any help to fix this problem appreciate.

  • Hi,
    HitFilm Pro 2017 tracking was not working 
    So I create a new account on my  iMac and my files were transferred from my old account to my new account. , now when I open Hit film 2017 on my new account the tracking is working  but most of my files like  (  action Essentials from Video copilot  ) and non of the 3D models are working , I can't ope to put on the timeline 
  • @jaa It's typical that at times the Mac user account gets corrupt and a new user account is in order, which you have undoubtedly discovered. I have had same issue with Motion 5....but I digress.

    As for the assets that you have from VC. Do you mean that you can see them but you just can't import OR you can't see them at all?

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