How can I make black text with white border around it?


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    Step One: Create text Object. 

    Step Two: Type your text. 

    Step Three: Highlight your text, then set font and size. 

    Step Four: use the large color swatch, bottom center of the Text Panel to set text color to black. 

    Step Five: Use the small color swatch, bottom right of the Text Panel to set the Outline Color to white. 

    Step Six: use the numeric field right above the Outline Color to set an outline width. 

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    What does the "colour swatch look like"?   Is that the "stroke colour"?

    Which one of these are in step 4 and 5?

    I tried my best to follow exactly what you said, but it doesn't work?

    And step 5 doesn't seem to work at all?

    DO your steps work in Express?

    Any other help please @Triem23?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yes, it's stroke color. Double check the color values in the color picker and make certain you've got an alpha value (A) of 255, not 0.

    Stroke color is the red box. If you clicked the checkerboard box, that's "Make Stroke Transparent."

    Stroke width is the field above the red box in the Text Panel in the picture. In that pic, it's set to 0.0. 3.0 is probably a good starting value. 

    The procedures for text are exactly the same in each and every version of Hitfilm. 

  • Cheers @Triem23, your second intructions were more helpful.  Got it now ;)

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