Desktop computer: What to buy?


 I had a question. I'm looking to buy a desktop computer and was wondering what was going to be the best for me? I plan on buying this pack which has 3d modeling, etc. from video copilot: if you scroll down, it shows the specs, and it tells what the minimum graphics card is, and the Ram, etc. So I need something with that graphics card and etc. or better, I was looking at this:    but I don't know what to look for specifically. Maybe their is something cheaper,  but i'm looking for something like that price, and I don't know what a good brand is.  Thanks in advance. :)


  • Hey!

    This computer is about twice as fast but are you comfortable buying parts and putting one together by yourself? You should definitely be looking at the used market but it requires some attention to the quality of the parts and what parts to choose.

  • I am comfortable building my own I know someone who has done that before, the one on best buy that you sent me only has 4 GB of RAM. I am looking for something thing with eight already, and it has a Intel graphics card, the requirements of the program i'm going to purchase says it is best to use a:    Minimum: NVIDIA or AMD graphics card with minimum 512GB of vRAM
    NVIDIA Support: GeForce 200, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, Quadro, Quadro FX
    AMD: Radeon 4600 or later

    Is it around the same price or cheaper to build one with these graphic cards, and pretty fast? 

                                                                                  Thanks for your response,  :)

  • And i'm fine purchasing a used one if, it is in really good condition with a good graphics card. ;)

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