Hitfilm 4 Express got suddlenly extremely slow (to operate and render)

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So, I used to edit with Blender and Vegas, but discovered Hitfilm Express 4 and decided to give it a shot.

The first two videos I edited and rendered with it were a complete success! I fell in love with the software: Fast and easy to operate 'n' export. It was way faster than Blender/Vegas. (6m +/-, just cuts, jump zooms, color correction and compositing)

But suddenly, yesterday the software became extremely slow, taking too long to initialize, to change from edit and composite, and finally, to export. It took me +/- 25 times more time to export a 6m video than before! (again, just cuts,  jump zooms, color correction and compositing)

It's taking only 4~5% CPU, 15~16% Memory, 0.5~1.2% Disk.

Could you please help me solve this, make it be as good as before?

PC Config:

- Sony Vaio Laptop
- Windows 10 x64
- Intel i5-3337U 1.8GHz
- Intel HD Graphics 4000


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The most important component in a PC for Hitfilm is it's GPU. The CPU only does file decode and encodes, with everything else being GPU. The low CPU usage indicates that the GPU is your bottleneck.

    And your Intel 4000 is the absolute lowest GPU Hitfilm supports.

    Aside from that saying "just...color correction and compositing" isn't telling us much. Some effects in Hitfilm are just much more GPU intensive than others. Masks may perform differently than varied keying options or the Set Matte effect, and, if you've done a "simple" 3D composite, but added some lights---hey, lights are high overhead.

    There's a lot of "it depends" here, but that bottom line is you have a slow GPU are are going to have lag as you move into more complex scenes. You can try switching your viewer resolution to Half or Quarter and try proxying Composite Shots to improve performance?

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     Thanks Triem23

    So. It´s really simple stuff, the source are just 1080p/30fps videos from T5i, T6i, NX3000 and iPhone 7. I know that the HD Graphics 4000 is poor, but the thing is that before (a week ago) it worked perfectly fine and fast, and just know it became terribly slow, particularly when exporting/rendering the final product. (like a said, it's now taking 26x more time than it took before to render.)

    All that said, can I configure the software to run under the CPU/RAM, and not in the GPU? Or do you have another suggestion? Thanks.

  • *IF* your previous edits with Hitfilm performed fine and "suddenly" they are not then find out what changed. I doubt Hitfilm did. Same media? Anything installed on the system and so on.

    With your relatively 1.8Ghz i5 CPU and with Canon DSLR AVC media, or other Digicam AVC media I would not be surprised that you will have laggy edits in Hitfilm. I would be surprised it worked well the first time. All else being equal. Same media and so on.

    I would refer you to the transcode thread.


    Here is a Hitfilm University tutorial on optimizing media for edit.


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Are you running Win 10 and has it updated recently? I have a minimal laptop that ran HitFilm ok last week but now acts like you describe after a Windows update reboot. 


  • NormanPCN

    I ran the "Intel Driver Update Utility" and it seems to be as it used now.

    Anyway, I'll check the link and the video you suggested to optimize it.

    Thanks for your help!

  • @Domingues Also, with DSLR AVC media in MOV files on a PC installation you might want to look at this thread as well.


  • That's interesting that it ran slow after an update, because it reminds me of a time when Hitfilm suddenly started to run like butter about a year ago and which I've not been able to reproduce since.

    I was just experimenting with some effects, when playback suddenly became really smooth and fast. I hadn't made a proxy and I hadn't done a RAM preview.  In fact I checked and made, then aborted, a RAM preview and it still stayed fast. It was so weird, I felt slightly drunk with surprise, so I quickly saved the project, then exited the program and reopened it and reloaded the project. It was back to its old sluggish self.

    This all happened very quickly and afterwards I was thinking "Did I dream that?" But, I hadn't. I then tried disabling my AV (Norton) to see if that had been slowing things down all this time and had suddenly got out of the way for a brief period of time, but it made no difference. Now, playback is slow and jerky just 'playing' a single image in a composite shot. :(

    Somehow, for about 30 seconds, Hitfilm actually managed to behave like I'd hoped it would. I occasionally wonder if it runs like that on other people's machines and only a few of us are 'blessed' with slower and jerkier playback than in any other editors running on the same hardware.

  • @Domingues -Did you sort it out? I having the exact same problem and it all started a week ago with no apparent reason. I have the same GPU as you.

  • I was having this issue today. Updating my bios did the trick and it's running the way it use to.

  • Hit Film used to work fine on my PC with an Intel HD4000 card.  Now every selection takes 3 to 4 minutes to execute.  Nothing has changed on my PC in terms of adding new software and all my drivers are up to date.  Something has changed or there is a serious bug in Hitfilms software that they do not want to admit.  Look at all the posts on this issue, literally pages and pages of google complaints.  The response is always, must be your computer, even though it meets all their Specs.  It's too bad, as the software was really decent when it worked.  I will not upgrade or purchase anything again until they resolve the issue.  As it is now, it's garbage.

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