Hitfilm used by Curse of the Phantom Shadow (Updated March 23, 2017)

For my upcoming film, some retro futuristic HUD and user interface style graphics needed. The video needed to look like it came from an old CRT. Fortunately, HitFilm to the rescue.  I thought I would share some clips:

Simplistic Radar Screen/Tracking Device....

Radar Tracking

Rocket Launch Startup Sequence

Rocket Launch Startup Sequence

Laser Weapon Coming Up To Full Strength

Laser Weapon

I also used HitFilm for a variety of quick composites and so forth. I am continuously impressed at how much built-in value HitFilm provides. The filter library alone is worth the price of admission. Additionally, Red Giant's Magic Bullet is compatible, which makes color grading even more of a snap.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

     Only the rocket launch link is working for me, but that one looks really nice. 

  • Hi Triem. Try the others now. I had an issue with the privacy settings. Hopefully this has been resolved. My apologies.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    All links work. 

    All of those displays are excellent! 

  •  Thanks Triem. HitFilm makes them very easy to do. Most of them will be on-screen for only a few seconds. They are either inserts or elements that will be going into a composite like a computer terminal. 

  • BTW, I wasn't sure of forum rules, am I allowed to post links relevant to the film?

    As I understand it is allowed...

    I occasionally post updates on Facebook:

    Official Phantom Shadow Facebook Page

    We also have an IMDB Page:

    Official IMDB Page

    HitFilm has been a huge help on realizing some of our visual fx elements. Upon demo'ing what HitFilm can do, I often get asked to help out with other project providing small motion graphic elements. Again, high praise to the software.

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    Absolutely! Make a thread for it when it's done. Always show off your work. 

  • Looking good, lots happening, always a good sign that the UI is working hard.

  • @ThePhantomShadow  All those look really nice, and well put together.  Kudos to you!

  •  @ThePhantomShadow ; Really cool!  I think you really nailed the retro/future look you were going for.

  • @Stargazer54 Thank you!

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are very pleased with what HitFilm can do. For those who are curious, we have an IMDB Page:

    Phantom Shadow IMDB Page

    And a Facebook Page:

    Phantom Shadow Facebook Page

    I post periodic updates of our work onFB. We work in a combination of HitFilm, Black Magic Fusion, After Effects, and Lightwave 3D.  HitFilm is fantastic for motion graphics effects.  Eventually, I'd like to post some non HUD composites as well. We often use HitFilm to touch up static matte paintings to add in lighting effects, atmospherics, and camera motion. 

  • HitFilm has proven to be really good at animating matte paintings. Our film, Curse of the Phantom Shadow, takes place approximately in 1948 in an unnamed city. We needed a period authentic train station and a car to buzz by. This was a combination of 3D object and HitFilm as a 3D scene with a 2D matte painting. I was able to use HitFilm to layer in all of the atmospheric lighting.

    HitFilm Train Station Composite

    We occasionally post updates to our official Facebook Page:

    Official Facebook Page


  •  @ThePhantomShadow  Holy crap!  That's professional Hollywood grade stuff there! Very nice indeed.

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    One suggestion. Often we'll encourage users to make a single gallery thread for all short shots and tests (full projects/films should have their own threads). 

    Not a rule, just a thought. That way a user who sees say, this shot, can easily find your UI shots. 

    Then update the thread title when you add new material (and date it.)

    If you want to go that route, let me know and I can merge your existing gallery threads. 

  •  Sure. I would be happy to follow convention. I am having tremendous difficulty with the forum software. Many of my posts error. 

  • If we could rename the thread,"Hitfilm used by Curse of the Phantom Shadow" that would be  awesome.

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    Want me to merge in your 2012 thread? 

  • Just the 2017 thread. Many thanks!


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