The update

So ever since I got the new update the program will not run correctly on my laptop.

All it does is open freeze then load then when I click on my project it loads then crashes.


  • Also I can't load music or any .mp3 file

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Let's start with system specs? Cpu, Gpu, OS, RAM and storage? 

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    Cpu intel (R) core (tm) i5-52000U CPU @2.20GHz

    Memory 8GB DDR3

    Disk 1TB

    Os windows 10

     64 bit os



  • Edit it some what works now all I did is leave it be also how do you know when it is buffering

  •  Can someone help me.

  • @Jacksharkben The new update? Last HitFilm 4 Express update was in September 2016, did you just install it? Have you checked that your drivers are up to date?

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     Ok my drivers say there was no update for them.

    And I have tried to reinstall it. Is it my specs on my laptop.


    Edit I opened my task manager 

    And the program is taking 33.2% of cpu and 8.5mb of memory and 13mb of disk space is this right?

     Edit 2 I think I fixed it.

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