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I made an end credits crawl with 5 different elements. Same fonts and font sizes in every element. 2 of the elements  (1 and 4) have a blank line after each credit, just to make the names to seem more important. All the others have a credit on every line. Every time I reopen the composite shot to make some small change it all looks good but when I render it there  all of a sudden are four blank lines between credits instead of one i elements 1 and 4. In the other elements there is one blank line inserted between every credit where there is supposed to be none. When I look at the composite shot again (without restarting) all looks good. The only way I get it to render properly is to rewrite the whole credit list once again. And that is not so fun. I have the latest update of HF 2017 (9 march). I have AVGA Geoforce GTX1070 and 64 GB Ram. The render is 1920x1080 mp4.



  • What about if your put dummy text instead of a blank like and make the dummy text the same colour as the back ground?

    might be a workaround if this is a bug.

  • I had a similar problem. Every time I rendered my single line text got changed to double line text.  Then when I went back to the Edit Text blocks I could see that Hit Film had literally put an extra blank line after every original line.  It reminded me of the way text looks when you move it from Windows to a Mac without fixing the <cr><lf> => <lf> problem.  

    In the process of writing a reproducible bug I solved the problem.  I noticed my text blocks were ending on the last character.  Instead I added a return (and a blank line) at the bottom of each edit box.  The double line problem went away.

    Since I still wanted to report the bug, I removed the extra line and the double blank lines didn't return.  It seemed to me that HitFilm thought the text was from a Mac until I added the extra blank line, then it knew the text was from Windows.  It was pretty strange.  

    Ah well, if anyone stumbles across this post with the same problem, try the workaround and see.  If it works, let everyone else know.

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    I had the exact same issue with the Pulp Sci-Fi Title Crawl. Every time I re-opened the project, it would double all line-end characters. Was going to try to put just the <lf> in there but EscapementDog's workaround seems to do the trick, thanks for that!


    Edit: It only did the trick once, had to remove the extra lines again :(

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