Now in HitFilm Pro 2017: Composite Shot Waveforms

Today we quietly released update #3 for HitFilm Pro 2017. But one of the new features added in this update is the ability to view waveforms in composite shot timelines. I know its a feature a lot of you have wanted to see, so I thought I'd make a little bit of noise about it. You can display them through the Layer Properties for any layer containing audio.

Some adjustments to how waveforms are rendered should also prove helpful for making them easier to see, on all timelines.



  • Sweeeeeeet! Let's make noise! And now it is visible :D

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    A simple feature, but very useful and one that will make a lot of users happy. 

  • I think more important is the Log display mode. It makes all the waveforms easier to see/use. Especially the RMS waveform.


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