The Daleks adaptations!

This is a project that i have been working on for 9 months on and of and is a precursor to my own original film. The daleks scene adaptations. Scenes from the original dalek story recreated in 3d in 3ds max. I have also taken some artistic liberty with some of the scenes and dialog. It was a project to also test bed my dalek voices which i pretty happy with how it turned out. Everything shot in 3ds max and all post production done in hitfilm pro. Comments and feedback more than welcome :)


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    Nice work! You've nailed the voices IMO, very close to the original. Also the sound effects used throughout - some of those seem exactly the same as the original series. The models are good, but the materials a little bland, so it distracts a bit from the quality of the rest for me.

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    Yeah, nicely done! I like the way you renderethe on-screen head flashers--really looks like a filament lighting inside the bulb. I also like the eye glow--not strictly 1963 accurate, but I like it. I also really liked the Dalek screen displays and the texturing on the city. A little grungier and older looking than the original sets, but still keeping the feel right.

    You pull the SFX from the web or from one of the many BBC CD's of sounds out there?

    I'll slightly disagree with @DanielGWood on one point. The materials might be a "little bland," but they're also pretty close to how the pepperpots looked on-screen in that story (except you don't have handprints all over the collars.)

  • @Dalekseth In all honesty that was great, you really captured the mood of the Darleks and the movements. Some personal feedback, I think your sweeping shot to the Darlek base should of faded on the movement it stopped then faded, didn't feel right. Then later you used the external shots and each time you moved the camera, I think on at least one of those shots maybe a static view might of felt a bit more tense. That all said, voices are good, the models looked good and fitted with the general colour palette of the scene. Oh and I liked the titles the text was very nice.

  • @Triem23 hmm, I suppose I mean more that the models didn't come across metallic enough.

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     @DanielGWood I'll give you that... The head domes and arm shafts could be a little glossier/shinier. Or adjust specular settings. I don't knwo what shader model dalekseth was using in 3DS Max, so I'm not not certain which two controls need a boost. :-)

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    Thanks for the feedback yeah the sfx are from the bbc radiophonic cds, the big finish audios for the dalek weapon sfx. 

    Yeah the dalek textures themselves are the ones that savagex put on. For the next project involving them i have altered the textures to make them more metallic and shiny for the dome.

    The way i did the dome lights was in 3ds max where the bulb is on the dalek i put a light inside and just key frame the intensity to match the audio. Time cosuming as there is no auto syncing lights to audio in 3ds max

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