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I have HitFilm 4 Express and I filmed something in front of blue screen, how do I put that in my shot, since I can't get Chroma key effect for Express! Please Help! Thanks in advance :)


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    Hitfilm 4 Express has keying tools to work with both Green or Blue screen. 

    1. Make sure your footage has a nice, evenly lit green screen, with no shadow's from your actor casting onto the green screen. 

    2. Look for the Color Difference Key, and adjust Gamma (to remove the most), then Min or Max to clean up the first key.

    If you see some pixelated edges, you could ad Chroma UV blur before the Color Difference Key. 

    3. Use Crush backs&Whites alpha to force clamp both ends of the keying. This will help to remove transparency in the middle of your subject. 

    4. You could use Matte Cleaner and Spill removal to improve the key and the spill respectively. 


    You can also go to EFFECTs, at the end there is a folder called PRESETS, and 2D EFFECTS. There are already presets that work fine with green or bluescreen. 

  • Thank you so much, this is very helpful!

  • Don't forget to set the screen color right, like blue or green!

  • Yea, got that!

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