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So I have HitFilm 4 Express and I want to get particles. Is that in the add-on pack: Audio-visual pack? Thanks in advance :)


  • There are no add-ons for the particle simulator.

  • is it only for the pro version?


  • Is there anything i can do like it in Express?


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    A full breakdown of differences between Hitfilm Express and Pro is here.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • I'm trying to do bullet time like you see in the movie Matrix but from tutorials I see you have to have a particle simulator. Any idea's?

  • Particle simulator? So you are talking about the bullet contrail right?

    I have an idea. Make a black plane, and add "missile smoke" with the trayectory you want. 

    Then add it to a comp with the footage you want the effect on. Add displacement effect, and grab the displacement map from the missile smoke animation.

  • Thats what i'm talking about! Thank for the idea will try it out. I will let you know if it works!

  • Hey Emecorp, I don't quite understand what to do when you said " grab the displacement map from the missile smoke animation." Help please! anybody. Sorry I'm not good at this stuff yet. Thanks in advance :)

  • When you apply the Displacement effect (to the footage you want the effect on), in the options you can choose the source layer for the displacement to take info from and... well, displace the pixels. 

    So you should have a comp with Layer1: footage, Layer2: missile smoke over black background (it can be a plane or another composite shot).

    Apply Displacement to layer 1, make the source layer 2. 

    I am not sure if you can make the source layer from the actual plane you animate the smoke, a grade layer above it, or even a composite shot. So, give it a try. 

  • Do you know if there is any way I can get rings in it? There is a shockwave for displacement I just don't know how to use that even if it works. Thank you so much for your help!

  • I figured something out, will post when finished ( maybe by this weekend)!

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    You can't get rings on missile smoke. You could animate a point to move and rotate, and attach another point that orbit arround... Then set the emitter of the missile smoke to follow the orbiting point. 

    Then you will have something like this (Neo Bros, dodging gigant bullets like his italian cousin) 

    --> NeoBros

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    Embedded comps of missile smoke plus polar warp. In another comp parent the missile smoke comps to points for positioning and stagger the start times. In a third comp apply caustics to the media and use the second comp as the height map. Far from perfect but with some tweaking it could do some interesting things I think


  • @Aladdin4d  That's an interesting effect that would make a cool dimensional rift kind of thing.  I'll have to play with your instructions sometime.

  •  @Aladdin4d that's brilliant! And the effect looks so much better!

    I find the smoke emitter rotating can be useul when changing the angle (movind the virtual camera), but this looks awesome!

  • That effect looks great! I decided to just use the Caustics Effect on the smoke then to tweak the smoke a little. And it came out pretty good :) probably close to the best for using what I got. Thanks a lot for all your guys help :) will post the video this weekend or later in the month!

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Wow! That's more compliments than I expected for that thanks! 

    @Emecorp your method is definitely better if you want to do a camera move and I've made notes!

    @tddavis At its core Caustics is really all about refractive distortion driven by maps so just spend some time playing around with basic things like different types of noise and mattes and see if you can come up aith something wild and crazy.

    @HIS_Films Can't wait to see what you came up with!


  • Here is the link to the forum of our latest video: Some MoTrix using the bullet trails, thank you guys for all the advice! It would not be as good as it is without your guys's help :)

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    I'm off to the other thread to watch the final video. 

    HIS, since you were referred to caustics for bullet trails, did you see the Hitfilm channel tutorial on Caustics? It does a pretty good job of covering all the controls, and what they do.

  • I did what an amazing tutorial! Would love to hear what you think about my final video!

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    I just posted that in the other thread. What I didn't say there is I wasn't expecting a "Trix are for kids" joke! Nice work! 

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    :D That was not my thinking at all, but my Dads, Thanks to my family this video probably would not look as good! 

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