YouTube Stats are depressing

OK so I am not trying to be a YouTube star or earn any money from my little videos  but when you look at the stats on number of views that on most of my vids don't even break double digits vs the amount of time to produce, boy it's a tough day at the office.

So my advice, stay away from that Stats tab, trust in the old saying so said by the Great Wanye Cambell "they will come, oh yes they will come!!"

or not!!! anyway back to the day job.... now where did I put that feather duster!!


  • Further thought, given the millions of new vids a day and the vastness of the network, maybe 6 views is ok. Yes feel better about that. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You also never know what's going to hit. One of my short films--something I'm proud of, something that's been in film festivals, something that's been picked up by someone else for distribution... 70 views...

    On the other hand, a "rules" video I did for a Halloween maze several years ago is closing in on 10,000 views. It's my most viewed thing ever by an order of magnitude. It's still getting over 200 views a month. In Pakistan and India oddly enough. Also, amusingly, this particular video features a burlesque troop and some racy humor. Youtube stats show me which 45 seconds of the video get watched the most, and, well, it's the bit with the dirty joke about "no banging on the walls."

    It's sister video from the same year--the rules with the clown troupe--has about 160 views. Now, in my opinion, the clowns video is better shot, better edited and funnier! (and I'm the writer, director and editor, so I would know)... But the clowns don't have a hot asian lady faking an orgasm....

  • Wheels on the bus, 54 min compilation - LittleBabyBum, over 1.8 billion views, Gangnam Style -officialpsy, 2.7 billion views, Charlie bit my finger - HDCYT, 850 million views...

    So, from a hypnotic song, to a weird-funny highly produced music video, to a handheld shoot of toddlers, it is hard to know what people want. 

    Some pro people out there has point out that you should keep doing stuff, give your audience the best you can, be entertaining, and don't give up. 

    At the end of the day, you ARE producing something, so you are already a creator, you are already at the other side of the fence, so people that just talk and don't do... you are already above that level. 

    We, the audience, will appreciate the effort, be sure to give us your best. Be pasioned about it. 

  • From my experience, you have two choices:

    Make what you want or make what people want.

    Both can yield success, but one will allow it to occur much faster. Find a demographic and beat it to death with decent videos. 

  • @Emecorp  Wheels on the Bus, 54 min compilation - LittleBabyBum, over 1.8 billion views   I wonder who the other .3 billion are?  My two autistic grandkids account for the 1.5 billion I know!   The older one knows how to use the PS3 controller since she was like 18 months old and she goes straight to Youtube!

  • hahaha well yeah, I can understand why those videos are played over and over (even a 54 minute one)... But, notice that channel has almost 10 million subscribers

  • I recently started a channel (2 months ago) and my take (with my limited experience) is:

    • "Market" Saturation: I created a channel on something I found to be lacking out there (in my case Blackmagic Fusion tutorials). I could have gone for AE for instance, but it would be much harder to get noticed.
    • Content: I currently have 2 types of videos on my channel: showcase/example VFX/motion graphics type stuff and tutorials (for the same thing). I found that tutorials get many more views (probably around 3-fold)
    • Title of the video: very important to hit the right keywords in there (what would I type if I would want to find content like my videos?)
    • Blog links to your video: I was lucky enough that a couple of my subscribers run blogs... some of my videos got linked to and that doubled or tripled the views overnight (at least for some time)
  • Hmm yes finding that vid type is tricky which is why mostly I am playing. Mind I was thinking of some Hitfilm tutorials , NOT!! That's covered. Just spare a thought for this vfx Dad who snatches the of hot here and there (can u hear those violins yet) and drop by his channel and leave me a comment or a like.


  • @Emecorp  My daughter and I have both decided that LBB is Baby Crack.  They do get addicted to it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'm just happy I hit the mighty 100 subs today! Basically because I can now have the sexy Custom Url, and not some random string of digits.

  • @triem23 congratulations u need a vid for that ;) no seriously hoping ur university stuff really takes off, it should.

  • @Triem23 congratulations man! Drop by drop

  • Basically because I can now have the sexy Custom Url, and not some random string of digits.

    Oo, jealous!  I hate it when people are all like "oh, you make movies?  What's your YouTube channel?" and I have to go ""


  • I didn't know that!  Personalized URL, sweet!

  • ohhh..I didn't know that either...I hit  a 100 a few days ago... Will check it out. Thx!

  •  btw, Andy, what *is* your URL?

  • Hmm can't find the channel link on a mobile, this is to the latest video on the channel


  • @Triem23 Congrats on 100 subs!

    Since when actually do you need 100 subs for a custom URL? I have 2 old channels with 30 subs and both have custom names. Looks like YouTube changes good stuff again :/

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    View counts really don't say anything to me anymore. Years ago, I edited a video with a stupid script. The video is terrible edited, but still watched 500,000 times on YouTube in 3 years just because YouTube shows it when typing "Christmas man" in Dutch.

    Good edited educational stuff was watched about 100 times, so I just stopped looking at the view counts and payed more attention to the actually value of the video itself.

  • If you enjoy doing, what you do then keep doing it. My YouTube channel isn't doing great, I've seen others I know keep growing and growing and I get comments they don't understand why mine doesn't. But I keep going, tweaking things evolving. Although it's a food channel I use it to practice film making. Hey good luck with your stuff

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    I've been looking into starting a channel and have trawled through numerous "how to start a YouTube channel" videos and while some contradict each other, the general consensus seems to be:

    do it about what you enjoy if you're not concerned about making money

    keep at it and it will gain momentum 

    you don't need to get 100 subs to get a custom URL (but I can't remember what video I watched to pass on how to, sorry!)

    use the YouTube search to see what key words come up first and they're more or less what is searched for most often and incorporate them into your tags.

    use key words as often as possible, in the title, description and tags

    Roberto Blake and Nick Nimmin I've found to be very helpful in my search with their videos

    good luck!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Funny. When I tried to create a custom URL, YouTube told me in. No uncertain terms I had to meet several conditions, including the channel existing for more than 30 days, active uploads in the past 90 days and 100 subscribers. 

    Maybe cuz it's a branded channel attached to an extant email addy? 

  • If it help, 0 subscribers here... hahaha 0 videos too :D

    You are already creators, keep doing what  you do and give your best always! 

  • extant @Treim23  ??

    Sorry for my ignorance...

    1. (especially of a document) still in existence; surviving.
      "the original manuscript is no longer extant"
      synonyms: still existing, in existence, existent, surviving, remainingundestroyed "extant manuscripts"



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @GrayMotion just being pretentious. I could have said "current" or "prexisting.";-)" Still existing. "Branded channels are secondary channels on a single email account. I wouldn't be surprised if a primary account didn't have the same restrictions. 

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