The Ultimate Epic Fight!

Here is another video! Where I was testing out fight sound effects, so this video has some action! One shot in their is shaky ( which i don't like) and I really want to get a DJI Osmo Camera with 3 axil gimbal so bad! Please let me know if their are things that need some work on, on my video( I'm sure there is). Thanks!


  • @HIS_Films I really like this fight scene. The pacing is good. The locations you picked to have the fight in worked very well. The angles nicely hide the fact that you were not really hitting each other. The integration of the sound effects is very good, and using the actually grunts and other scene sounds really helped to sell the realism.

    I agree with you that the one shot that is shaky and out of focus looked really bad (but it is a nice learning experience for you though). Also, the blocking of the scene wasn't great. Often times the camera would drift away from where it needed to be to keep the viewer engaged (again, it is a nice learning experience, especially for whomever was operating the camera). There was one shot on the roof top where you could tell the person being chased was just standing there waiting for the chaser to finish climbing up to the top. Also, a good prop to finish the scene would have helped (handcuffs, rope, or even some cheap zip ties would have gone a long way to help resolve the scene more satisfactorily).

    In general, though, I enjoyed it very much and I think it is a very solid effort!

    You might consider building you own, very cheap camera stabilizer. Check out this video from Scott Eggleston (The Frugal Film Maker) to get some ideas...

    Also, check out these two videos on a different version of the same idea...

    I have built both of these designs and either one would probably work very well for you!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you so much for the advice! and the videos were very helpful thanks a lot!


  • HIS_Films Keep up the good work... I really like what you are doing!

  • Wow great effort, the pacing right of the bat told us this was tense and something was going down. The music worked and overall I think the sound pack worked well, not sure maybe a bit too loud.

    Big respect for your own stunt work, the suit guy nearly falling off the roof was real drama (maybe too real - ) and then the fall to the ground, that genuinly looked like it winded him.

    For me the improvements come with scenes working to further the plot. For example why go up the ladder to the roof, why not just run around. Maybe if you had left a weapon on the roof for our man to be aiming for but kicked off the roof giving both a reason to get off again.

    Also not sure the cuts on the main ground fight worked for me, make sure they are clean i.e. in the first the bad guy walks towards the good guy but then it cuts mid shot. Then we cut two more times but each time it does not feel right. Check out film roits and Rocket jumps tutorials on cutting.

    That all said, respect for getting something out there.

  • Thanks for the advice, its very helpful, will apply this stuff to my future video's! Thanks.

  • No problem, keep going, the old saying "Practice makes perfect" is so true.

  • @Andy001z I don't know if practice really makes perfect, but it definitely makes really good! :)

  • I hope it will make it really good! at least better.

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