Floreal animated titles

Will be possible using Boris 3D Objects to create this kind of animated titles



  • What you are looking at are called Flourishes in After Effects. There are a lot of tutorials on these for AE, but I could not find any for HitFilm. Maybe you could translate these from AE. Some of the tutorials are selling these in packages. Here is the search string I used on You Tube.


  • Interesting thanks.

    I want to create titles that can grow in this way, explode in particles, burn, dissolve in smoke, being composed from flames, etc in 3d. I think more a VFX than just title animation tool.

    Didn't find this possible in Boris nor in HFP, any other specialized titler able to achieve these effects.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Not that I can think of. This type of look really does tend to be more of a compositing job. Inevitably it's PNGs, imported vectors,  or shape layers keyframed with masks and animation elements. It's not really a procedural thing. 

  • Something like this end credits might be done only with some high end simulation sw?


  • @davide445  I'm not sure if you have seen this and if it's Pro only, but this effect is a close second and there are so many adjustments to it you might be able to get even closer than here:


    I just started playing with the BorisCC and this tutorial the other day and it seemed fairly straight-forward...which for me is Gooood thing!

  • Yes I know this tutorial, but with atomic particles I was never able to create a direction such as they are subjected to a force.

    This need the usage of particle simulator, that is constrained (on my system) in term of particle number and emission from 3d objects. 

    That's why I'm searching for specialized alternatives. Otherwise I'll need to use general purpose third party particle simulators to recreate these effects, interesting work but longer than using a Titler with all the needed effects.

  • Hello, from what i have seen desired, i wanted to suggest the free 3d application Blender in conjunction with hitfilm. while blender has a bit of a learning curve i think it could provide the solution to a good number of the effects described as desired. Though for the original question of this thread I do not know of a simple, procedural method in either Hitfilm or Blender but i do believe the effect is achievable in both with some work. In any case i hope you find a solution that fits your needs.

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