Glitchy High-Tech Title Tutorial + Free Template


  • Nice, man! Very good use of multiple fractal noise layers to build up your texture and flares! 

  • @inScapeDigital  Nice, clear, clean tutorial as always from your body of work.  I ran across one today that you did in 2013 when you must have been 16!  It was the Doctor Who time vortex one.  It was very well thought out as well as this one, but I can see you have slowed your speaking style a bit from back then  even though your voice is just as deep back then. 

  • @Triem23 Thank you!

    @tddavis Haha yes, for some reason I was in a real rush back then. I've made a conscious effort to slow things down and explain more in the past few years. Glad you liked the tutorials!

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