New video up!

Finally got a short clip done after several HitFilm crashes and plugin errors :( even a BSOD for some reason, but with finally getting BCC text to work and several manual tracking pieces done, I'm happy with the result! :)


  • @WhatIfVideo Great concept!  Nicely done.  I really wanted to see more at the end (blow up the house, the car, the cat).  A good start to an awesome clip.

  • That's fun! 

    I'll disagree with @Stargazer54 . While an explosion or three would be the expected joke, what you did is more subtle, unexpected, and a natural ending. 

  • Nice vid, maybe a bit slow getting started. I really like the like, subcribe with 3d models flyby, that shot works really well.

  • Like the concept and the ending! Awesome job! Suggest watching some videos on pacing in filmmaking, think this piece specifically would benefit from better timing :)

  • What!? Freakin' cool! :)

  • Totally did not spot that was a fake tree until it fell over, so you sold it with the tracking completely. Great video. :)

    Only thing missing for me was that final, satisfying "Thud!/Whoomp!" that big trees make when they land on flat ground.

  • edited February 2017

    Explosion on "tree" looks real :)

  • Ha, nice! Funny and I agree with Palacono - the tree setup is great.

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