display something like "meters" - IN - a video

Hi everybody!

Think you all value the HitFilm “Meters Panel”. Well – currently I have to work on a small automobile video to promote a sport exhaust.

For more attraction, I want to place something like the meters panel in Hitfilm WITHIN the video itself. Any ideas for an easy implementation?

Thank You!


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Several. Are you working in Pro or Express? Do the meters have to match anything "real" or just look cool? 

    I'll just start you off with a couple of old Tooshka tutorials:



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    Hey Triem23!

    Unfortunately just 4 Express this times – incl. some plugins.

    It is more an “eye” catcher – from a technical point of view it is nonsense ;-)

    My quick&dirty way would be to load the final sound track into a cool looking player and record the screen + use just the meters cut to place it in an own small window within hitfilm. Dirty – I know.

  • Dirty, but frankly smart. Would have been my next suggestion, in fact. You could even screen cap the Hitfilm Meters panel and just use that. 

  • Thank You a lot!

  • No problem. :-) 

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