Does HitFilm support HDRI 3D environments

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As I am exploring what HitFilm Pro can do, I am wondering if the software is capable of importing and supporting high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) for the purpose of panoramic, 3D backgrounds when green screen composting?


  • I believe Hitfilm can import 16-bit/channel TIF files. I know Hitfilm (Pro)  can import 16-bit/channel OpenEXR files. As long as your HDRI image is in one of those formats it should import. 

    Environment Map Viewer (HF4 and earlier) or 360 degree Video Viewer (HF2017) will wrap that into a panoramic sphere background. 

    If you're using 3D models, Cook Torrance shading with high Diffuse Reflectivity acts like IBL on a model. 

    Environment Map Viewer tutorial.

    Tutorial showing how Diffuse Reflectivity acts as IBL for models.

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