[SOLVED] Split Screen help needed please

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Ok guys so I have watched a few tutorials on split screens. 

I understand the simple process of masking half off a video clip in composite shot exposing the other half of the next layer video clip. Unfortunately that doesn't work for my application. 

I want to show the left side of both video clips at the same time with them stacked side by side to allow full view of whats going on. 

I'm comparing two speed runs on a stock vs modified engine and the gps data shows on the left side in both clips. 

I have purchased the starter pack if that makes a difference. Also I'm a very new user and un-experienced with editing so the "dumber" you can answer the better LOL. 




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    You don't need the starter pack for this, although it's a good buy. 

    Ok, you can do this on the Editor Timeline. 

    Load the clip  you want on the left onto Track 1

    Load the clip you want on the right onto Track 2. These tracks should completely overlap. 

    Left click the media on Track 2, then go to the Controls Panel. 

    Twirl open the Controls Panel and the Transform group. Look for Position and change the first of the two numbers from 0 to 960. (I'm assuming both clips are 1920x1080 if they are 1280x720 then enter 640.)


     You could also do this in a Composite Shot. Same procedure. 

    If you're unfamiliar with the Controls Panel,  20:55 in this tutorial. 


  • I might have resolved this on my own with positioning. Still interested to see what other options there are out there. 


  • I'll guess you did what I just typed? :-) 

    Good job solving it on your own. Experimentation is a good thing. 

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