HELP! Can't Export Project

Been working all week on a project and frustratingly I cannot export it. I just get an error 'Process Finished Unexpectedly'

If I export little bits of it, then it seems fine, but if I try an export more than 45 seconds it gives me this error code. Man that bites. Need to get this project out to be viewed this weekend.

Anyone seen this before?


  • Scratch that, I am getting it now on any part of the timeline and any duration of export. Just a few seconds can come up with the error message. It seems very random.


  • Well I've tried everything I can think of. Deleting the cache, removing the effects. Everything. Nothing will work. Looks as though I've wasted a weeks work and will have to restart the project from the start and retest the render every step of the way to see what breaks HitFilm. Something it stopping the rendering, fairly sure it's not my computer or my footage, so has to be a bug in here somewhere.

  • @LarryPlane  Just a thought, but have you tried rendering it as an image sequence and if it fails see what frame is causing the problem.  If it should render all frames, you can always use some other software to make a video out of it if importing back into Hitfilm won't work.  I know that's double rendering but it might narrow down the issue without losing everything.

  • I didn't try that, but I did hit on the idea of using the new render option of highlighting all clips on the timeline, then right clicking and saying send to export. This then sent every clip as a separate render job to the export window.

    Web I hit the render, it showed me exactly which clips would render and which would not, until it got to about 50 clips in, then the whole thing broke, HF crashed completely, and the Memory Dump message thing appeared!

    However, before everything went completely pear shaped I was able to write down the effected clips and then examine them on the timeline to see if there were any common indicators.

    And do you know what? There was!

    Each of the failed clip was either a j or an l cut, or was overlapping the video on the layet below.

    This might not be the problem, but it gives me somewhere to hunt tomorrow. Too tired to investigate tonight.

    I will also try your idea.


  • Sorry you're having trouble with the software.

    A 'Process Finished Unexpectedly' message means that the background render process responsible for exporting your project has crashed.

    The most likely cause of this is a GPU error (unsupported hardware, out of memory error, old driver etc).

    We'll need more information before we can help. Please can you provide:

    - You PC or Mac model and hardware specs

    - Your GPU model and memory

    - Your OS version

    - Your project resolution, frame rate and bit depth.

    Here are some things you can try in the mean time:

    - Ensure that your GPU drivers are up to date by visiting the manufacturers support page (Windows will NOT keep your drivers up to date).

    - Clear down proxies and turn off proxies for export (see Options->Proxy)

    - Turn off any third party plugins used in your timelines.



  • Fairly sure it's not the gpu as it will render a previous version of the timeline, a less complex version. I think it's the j and l cut thing. But I will know more tomorrow.

  •  So, updating the graphics card made no difference. Still getting a render problem. Managed to track it down to overhanging video. Sometimes, when I placed a clip on the timeline, I under ran the video by a couple of frames, only really detectable at all when stepping through each clip one at a time.

    This caused a render failure.

    Also, if there was a J cut, this caused a render failure.

    During these tests I've also seen that repeated use of the render engine, when a failure occurs, causes a memory leak to be seen. After a while, all my 32 system ram is used up and can only be freed again by rebooting the computer.

    Going to do some more tests this afternoon and will report back. But by and large I would say there is a memory leak in Export when a failed render occurs, and that if too many clips are sent to the render engine as individual render files, the render engine will fail.

    Looks as though this new method of exporting is only stable up to about 20 or so selected clips.

  • Okay, I give up. Going to start the project from the start with some trial renders to see if there is any stuff that goes wrong.

    My mistake, I think, was converting my clips to Cineform, as advised elsewhere in this forum. It does edit really nice on the timeline, but the render engine doesn't seem capable of dealing with it.

    A shame. A total weeks work gone and a lot of disappointed people who were expecting to see this project over the weekend!

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