Is someone going to have ANOTHER go at fixing the forum software?

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When the 'Adding Text Feedback' thread started displaying posts at full screen width, @DanielGWood said Geoffrey would look into it.

That got fixed soon afterwards, but since then: No thumbnails show on video links and no images are displayed; they're all just links.


  • They're baaaaack. :)

    But video thumbnails are cropped by about 10% on the right-hand side and then the video plays in a windows with small top and bottom borders that aren't there if you click on the YouTube button to play them in YouTube.

    Can't tell if they're squashed vertically, or the container is just taller than it needs to be.

    Images seem fine.

  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
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    Towards the end of last week there was a problem with the text editor the Forum software ships with (in our opinion, it is misconfigured in the default install). In a roundabout way, that's what caused the full-width posts thing. This was resolved (on Friday I think).

    Issues with embedding images/movies are separate to this, probably a result of recently upgrading the Forum software. I'll add it to our issue tracker, thanks for reporting!

  • Still broken in that half the time Video clips have no thumbnail. Seems to be random, as some do and some have that grey empty box with the YouTube Play button in the middle instead.

  • We're still working on our backlog, so I'm afraid we haven't got to this yet. It is not forgotten though!

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