mute background track sound

This has got to be easy, but I can't figure it out. I'm doing a greenscreen. The background video's sound keeps coming through, no matter what I do to mute it. What's the trick?


  • @mistergarth  Have you tried unlinking the video from the sound on the background video and deleting it?  Also, you can go to the controls panel for the background video and all the down turn the audio down from 0db which is normal sound all the to the left, I believe.

  • @mistergarth If you are in the compositor, you can mute the track's audio in the controls panel (under "layer properties" ) by ticking the box marked "mute".

  • Yes! Controls > layer properties > mute it is. I thought I'd looked there already. Thanks.

  • Another trick--when dragging video to the timeline, hold down the ALT key as you do. That just places the video on the timeline without audio. :-)

  • @Triem23  I tried doing that in a composite shot and I couldn't get it to work but it did in the Editor?  Is there a difference or am I doing something wrong there?

  • @tddavis it's possible that only works in the Editor?

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