Secondary Color Correction

Does HitFilm Pro offer secondary color correction other then combining a layer of key fx with a layer of color correction?

I'm looking for a way which works similar to secondary color correction of ColorFast:
You select a certain color which defines the part which would be solely touched or which would be solely untouched by color correction.


  • I'll look once my render queue is done. 

    Are you in Express or Pro? Colorfast should run inside Pro. Of course I'm making an assumption based on all my NewBlue stuff running inside Hitfilm Pro. 

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    HitFilm Pro 2017.
    Though I even would love to have such kind of secondary color correction as Ignite plug-in for the use in Vegas Pro (testing ColorFast in Vegas Pro, too). 

    Of course Vegas Pro has it's own "Color Corrector Secondary". But the very disadvantage of this one is - the matte it generates is very blocky and though there are adjustments to smoothen luma, saturation and hue edges, the matte is not even close to smooth as the one ColorFast generates. So the quality of secondary color correction within the build-in tool of Vegas Pro is behind other secondary color correction tools. That one of Boris Continuum also is much better in quality as the Vegas Pro one because of the smoother matte used inside.

  • So am I right, there's no secondary color correction yet in HitFilm/Ignite?

  • Doesn't look like it.


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     Thanks, then at least I know I didn't oversee an fx like this or a setting.

  • Well, I could be overlooking something, but there certainly isn't one in the Color Correction or Color Grading tools. Only thing I can think of as a workaround is a duplicate image layer using a Croma Key to select the target range then inverting the matte, which would then leave an isolated color range to process not as easy as a true Secondary Color Corrector, but it should work. 

    Wishlist time? 

  • Ah, good hint. I forgot there's wishlist. Adding it …

  •  You can fudge it a bit with (multiple?) RGB & Hue Key(s) on another layer of the clip you want to adjust. Doubles (or more) the work for Hitfilm ,but probably no more than it hiding what it has to do inside a Secondary Color Correction Effect anyway.

    Have also done that when wanting to do more than one colour with the Leave Color Effect, as it only does one.

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    The keying workaround is what I mentioned in my first post. It certainly works (as this is exactly what a secondary color corrector actually does under the hood), but it's far from straight and fast and it'd make things quite complicated in more complex compositing structures.

    It's on the whishlist now, maybe it'll find its way into HitFilm/Ignite.

  • Use the mocha tracker for the face, and you can grade it on its on own separate layer. I use the same technique in AE using roto brush.

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