Teal and Orange Color Grading

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I would love to do some teal and orange color grading however I am struggling to do it in hitfilm 4 express.

Here is the look I am trying to achive: https://youtu.be/sv-l7YTbSGk


  • @ElliotBrowne  First let me say, I am no expert on grading at all.  But I think you should be able to add a grade layer and then add either Hue Colorize or Hue Shift under the color grading folder of effects and adjust to what you want to do.  Or you could add Color Gradient under the gradients folder and set colors to teal and orange (I assume you want teal on the sky and orange on the land) then adjust the position to get the areas lined up and adjust transparency to your taste.  But again, I may be TOTALLY not understanding what you are wanting to achieve.  The color grading guru in my book is @Aidin.  Maybe he will see this and be able to better help you out.

    Secondly, I don't see where you need any changes to your video in the first place.  Some of the dives about gave this old man a heart attack but otherwise it looked very nice.

  • Use the CineStyle effect. CineStyle specifically does a teal/orange gradient with a contrast curve, letterbox matte, vignette and film grain. 

    Turn off letterbox, vignette and grain, set S-curve to 0 and all that's left is teal/orange. 

  •  Triem23 can you do this in hitfilm 4 express version

  • @ElliotBrowne  I believe you have to add the Film Looks pack to use this effect in Express. The pack is $25 USD

  • @ElliotBrowne tddavis is correct. Cine Style is in the Film Looks pack. I thought Cine Style was in the base HF4E

    So--you'll be needing to add grade layers over your project. Some effects to look at include Color Balance (Shift shadows, mids, highlights towards or away from certain colors), Hue Shit, Possibly Day for Night. or Curves. I suspect masking might be involved.

    I'm actually on my way out the door, but I'll agree with tddavis that Aiden really has a handle on grading.


  • You could try using a bleach bypass combined with a split tone with orange and teal, then blend that back into the original image, and add a little bit of film grain.  It's a fair bit more work than just appplying the Cinestyle effect, but that would probably get you pretty close.

  • Guru? :0

    For a subtle teal/orange vibe I just use color balance and remove red from the shadows, but I have used LUTs in the past for a more dramatic (comical) effect.

    Cinestyle is cool though xD

  • @Aidin you do good grades and you have a good grasp of your toolkit, and you're just going to get better, ya lil' punk! ;-) 

  • @Aidin Yes Guru! You can't toss out comments like "For a subtle vibe I just....." and not be considered a Guru. Not to mention you have a natural talent for it, the skills to do it and you're only going to get better. 


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