How do you move the playback line with a single click?


I come from Sony Vegas and one thing I really liked about it is you could edit very quickly by just clicking around to move the playback line, without having to drag it all the way across.

How do you enable that in HitFilm^?



  • That's already enabled. Click in the gray area near the timecodes.

  • Thanks, saved me a lot of hassle!

  • While we're here, do you know how to automatically delete empty spaces when you make cuts?

    Like say you have a clip, you chop it off at multiple places, then there are multiple empty spaces between the bits, you make it so the bits automatically come together without you having to do it manually.

  • @Nikolao right click, ripple delete?

  • @CedricBonnier Yes but everytime I trim a clip it introduces those gaps, then I have to right click ripple delete which adds an operation. How do you enable auto ripple delete the gaps like in Vegas^?

  • @Nikolao you can right click a clip and ripple delete it. I don't think there is a ripple delete all gaps functionality though, you can add it to the wishlist thread.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator
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    @Nikolao Use ALt+Delete for Ripple Delete or use the Ripple tool instead. It's the double arrow below the Slice tool (Shortcut key R). In use it's like clicking and dragging the edge of a clip in Vegas to shorten it with auto ripple enabled.

  • Yeah that's the workaround, it works ok, thanks to both of you.

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    Got a more technical question.

    1- I've got about 40 clips shot with the same background and I want to crop them all equally. I've applied a mask to one of them, cropped it, worked great. But how do I copy paste that mask to all my clips without having to paste it manually one by one?

    2- I'd also like to copy paste effects, like I want to put the same brightness effect on all clips, right now all I know is to select each clip individually and select the preset I made.

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