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Hi All, It's been a while since I jumped into the support section as things have been going great until recently.

In the past I have been converting my .MTS files to .mov files, conducting the edits and them exporting to YouTube, Facebook, MP4 etc etc With great results.

But recently Windows 10 has been having some issues and app or resetting and my 5k player is not showing me the .mov files and on and on.

So instead of trying to fix every single thing I though I would ask the question. With the updated HFPro17, is there a new or better way to do the work flow using MTS and MP4 (drone) files to convert, edit and export?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Cheers Dave


  • Posting to watch topic, because I'm thinking of buying a Win10 machine and need to know if I should nix the idea, right now.

  • HitFilm Pro 2017 on Windows has native Cineform support and it rocks. With the render queue you can even use HitFilm itself to batch transcode your clips to Cineform. See this thread for more info on other tools to transcode to Cineform if you'd rather do it outside of HitFilm.

    Transcoding for better performance and easier editing

    And here's an example of the difference in performance it can make

    Hitfilm timeline 4k performance demo video

    @DLKeur The problem you're going to run into is you can't nix the idea. Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Zen CPU's are only supported in Win 10 and beyond.

    Microsoft made 'em do it: The latest Kaby Lake, Zen chips will support only Windows 10

  • Aladdin4d, cheers for that. Will have a good study of the information.

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    @Aladdin4d : I can nix it until 2020, then I can airgap this machine just like we do our dedicated audio and my 3d supercruncher.  With some hacks (thank the cosmos for friends in code space) I can patch what needs patching, and then just run a dedicated cheap internet machine for surfing the Net and keep what works without problems or intrusive crap from MicroBigProprietarySpyBro.  If I didn't run software that needs Windows, I'd have dumped it all for Linux a long time ago.  Spending 5 to 8k and winding up with issues because Windows doesn't want me to do real work is not my idea of a good investment. We already went through this once with Windows 10 and the veterinary clinic. Had to dump the whole network and rebuild with Win7Pro to get the system back to run the biz. Microsoft is nothing but issues because they want to say what, when, where, why, who, and how.  Rant off.

  •  Using the Ciniform, which have you found better to select YUV 10-bit or RGB 12-bit?

  • @Kircard what's your source footage from? If it's from an 8-bit/pixel camera or format, I'd probably recommend 10-bit, simply because 12-bit will have a larger file size.

  • A primary difference is that the "normal" Cineform is 422 chroma subsampling like other intermediate formats such as "normal" DNxHD/HR and Prores.

    The 12-bit format is an RGB format with no chroma subsampling (aka 444) and that will affect the file size more than the 10 to 12-bit increase. 10-bit is pretty good. If you want the Cineform output file to have an alpha channel then you must use the RGB version.

    Final playback video is near universally 8-bit 420 chroma subsampling. 422 is better/less subsampling than 420.

    Most cameras are delivering 420. Better ones deliver 422.

  • @NormanPCN good notes.

  • My biggest pet peeve with W10 is that Ableton Live 8 does not work in it! I tried  to troubleshoot it by using the "compatibility" option but couldn't even get it to open the program. I was bummed! 

    To top it all off, I didn't know about the "30 day limit" and I had already passed that mark so was unable to switch back to W8!

  •  Ahh well ciniform bombed out for me and I found some other issues which now leads me to think there is a major issue with the PC.

    I'm going to do a complete backup and then do some heavy maintenance to see what is really going on.

    I thank everyone for this information and will have to revisit this over the coming weekend.

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    Let's just put this down to "I couldn't see the forest for the trees"

    My External drive was getting full and I was unable to load working files.

    But in saying that and with some cleared space, I have an issue now of the files are loading ok and I check them by opening them from storage but when I load the .MOV files into HF4 half the audio is missing.

    The sound file is there with wave lines showing in the audio track but just no sound coming through. It stops at time stamp 00:09:14:19 very odd.

    Anyone else had a similar issue?

  •  In addition, the sound meters drop away but the visual sound wave is still there.

  • If you see the other thread where I talk about my export problems, these seem to be with footage that was captured with a Canon EOS 6d camera, then converted in HF to Cineform 10 bit, which works fine on the timeline, but seems to give random errors during export.

    At least for me. Your millage may vary.

  • Thank you LarryPlane, all sorted now and appreciate your help.

    Cheers Dave 

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