Hey everyone ! Here is my last short film, a 80's action film style with Jean Claude Van Dmme ! Yeah, nothing more


  • Really nicely done, in remember a while back this Jean Claude green screens where done for a competition was this ur entry or new. I liked the titles very swish. 

  • Hah! Good use of Jean Claude's greenscreen clips! I particularly like the shots where you blurred him to simulate DoF. 

  • Love it!

  • Thanks guys, for the positive feedback ( yes, I know, I discover them pretty late...sorry about that)



    John Crevaert ( Sebastien in real life !  :-)  )

  • been looking everywhere for the jcvd green screens but cant find them anymore ? anyone hit me with a link ? thanks in advance

  • Good work. Jean Claude Van Damme was my favorite childhood hero.

  • Fun stuff!

  • Thanks ! Even if I know that my girlfriend and I won't get an Oscar.....ha ! ha !

  • Hey James ! Here's the link to the Youtube compil of JCVD's green screen shots :         https://youtu.be/IaQfYosw0XM


    Let's make your own movie, now !  ;-)

  • This looks so much fun making  Just watching it was pure fun! The greenscreen stuff you did was pretty cool haha but why did you choose JCVD? Just curious 'cause he was one of my childhood heroes and I never would've thought that I'd see some JCVD stuff in here lol 

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