need help with an effect

Hey guys and gals,

Im trying to create a scene for a real estate company where ive created a logo of the company with Titler pro in block letters that pans out.  I have a series of videos of agents speaking and they want all of those videos to pan out and form the logo... My idea was to use the logo i created and use an effect ( i just dont remember which one) to hollow out the logo and all you see are all the videos shrunk down to fit inside the block letters and pan out with the logo.... I hope that makes sense.. Any help would be appreciated!



  • The basic effect you're after is Set Matte. The simple description is apply it to a video layer and then use a text layer as the source of the matte. The result is a letter or letters filled with the video. Doing this with your existing title is more complex. Assuming you want one video per letter I think I would start assembling the clips in a comp using Split Screen Masking then apply Set Matte to the comp.

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