Good start of school project?


I started a video for my science rube goldberg project, what do you think?


  • I will complete the rest of it tommrow, please tell me if there is anything that should be fixed (except fot the one frame demolition films add) and I will try to add it.

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    cool stuff.

    but... the golfball turns with the shadows on it. seems not natural.. use a neutral golfball without shadow on it (in picture). or make the shadow with hitfilm (without rotation)

    why the flames in background? make no sense.

  • Looking great so far!

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    Nice.  I agree with @Chriguf.  the black blotches on the golf ball were a bit unsettling.  Get a sheet of that florescent green cardboard that they sell at Wall Mart and hang your golf ball using a straight pin and fishing line and photograph the golf ball in front of the green cardboard.  Use a proper green screen if you have one.

  • Im done with it, i was not able to do the golf ball thing because I have a big test to study for but I was able to add some greenscreen people!


  • It works. I mean, obviously the project was to push the car into the plate. Success! 

    Above that, hopefully your teacher appreciates the extra time you spend on VFX. 

    Don't get too hung up on the school projects--you'll always have a fast deadline for those, and explosions are less important than the project. Treat these as quick ways to learn a technique you can refine for your personal videos. 

    BTW, I am too late with this suggestion, but you could have copied the golf ball to its own Composite, duplicated it, flipped it 180 degrees and used a mask to blend the halves without the shadow. 

  • @Triem23 Thanks, and I will use that technique in the near future!

  • @chriguf the main reason for the flames was to practice motion tracking and adding background elements, and it looks cool and adds depth to the shot, it looks very empty otherwise.

  • Hey if u haven't done it already keep an eye out for the next future learn vfx course, it's free and Hitfilm was used in the last two. Well help allot polish those effects. But it's a great start. Take a look at corridor digital starwars early work, they started simple and look at them now.

  • You'll go far. The work involved in even doing something like those multiple reversed segments (the reverse Effect is slooooooow and you need to make multiple copies of the clip) and syncing everything to the music shows you're putting in a massive amount of effort and with a lot of creativity. 

  • @Palacono Thank you! That means a lot. 

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