Express- Presets not importing.

No matter what presets I import, even ones I have used successfully in the past, there's just an error message saying 'One or more presets failed to import'.


  • @Fulcrum2016 I've just tried importing HF2, HF3 and HF4 presets and it seems to work as expected. Could you send us your preset that doesn't work please?

    Also, what effects does your preset contain? What version of HitFilm are you trying to import from and to?

  • It's all my presets. No matter which preset I import, it just says One or more presets failed to import.

    All my presets are Hitfilm 4 Express friendly and have all worked in the past. For some reason they don't work now. I use HF4 Exress.

  • @Fulcrum2016 could you please send me one of the presets that does not import?

    Are you able to import presets from the Preset Marketplace?

  • Uh no actually. Basically all my presets are from there, even the ones that worked  before but not now.

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