Live music video

Here's my first HitFilm project. Two live cameras plus a night shoot for some extra imagery. I haven't learned HitFilm's titling features yet, so I created some png files in PhotoShop.


  • @mistergarth  Good solid editing...very smooth cuts.  I thought the titles were just fine without all the elaborate 3D extrusions and such and a great workaround way to do them as well.  Stick with HItfilm and as your ability grows you'll be adding things like particle embers and such to the strings like I saw in a tutorial or promo for Hitfilm.  Oh, and the music was excellent too.

  • Dude . l. . . I am so mellow now . . . .

    @mistergarth Seriously.  Nicely done!  Nice and clean.

    Love the "vintage" RCA 74B mic. (and the dog walking thru).

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Sometimes you just need two cameras, a simple, clean edit and a good song. 

  • Impressive song and video!

  • Newbie technical question.

    I have tried to create a music video today in a similar way, but can't get the video and audio to line up.

    I have had the editor to its maximum size to view the waveforms but it has reached a point where I am always a few millseconds late or early, which means my guitar playing and singing are out of time.

    I turned off snapping to try and make it more simple - I've even tried editing the files in Reaper, to get them a bit closer, but still, no cigar. Any tips/ settings that I'm not aware of, please?  It feels like I have reached the limits of the editing, but that seems ludicrous whenI look at what others are doing (including you).

    I am using the basic Hitfilm Express, and this is my first ever attempt.

    Any help appreciated.

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