Starting A Star Wars Dogfight film (Part 2)

Ok, this also took two days to do, but it wasn't as daunting as the last scene.  This will definitely  NOT be the final version in my movie I just used an old green screen shot of my son done a few years ago on something we were putzing around with (not even a really good key either)... but it had the right orientation I needed for this shot for now.


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    Thumbs up!

  • @ArtMitchell  Nice.  Well blended and I like the camera move in.

  • thanks guys!

  • drive a x-wing without helmet... thats not ok.

    but your hitfilmwork is brilliant

  • right??? They should have laws on X-Wing safety right? 



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    Hey, that'd make a fun little PSA right there, @ArtMitchell   Film your son in an old car seat or in a car against a greenscreen and have him clicking or ticketing then pull back to reveal he's in an X-Wing as the canopy comes down and it blasts away.  Probably would work best if the seat was removed from the car though.

  • The requirement for Head Protection is covered in OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.100 and 29 CFR 1910.135 is the applicable Standard ;)

  • Nice +1 for this.

  • Every Star Wars related clip is nice to me :)

    I like the camera moves on this one, but I agree on the helmet point !

    As your son's head keeps its orientation and the shot is quite short, I think it wouldn't be too challenging to include a 3D helmet model in this scene ;)

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    Helmet? X-wing pilots don't wear sealed pressure or space suits. Helmet is optional! 



    It's for the style :)

    And if you don't want to wear sunglasses on top of your head in case of facing a bright star or a giant space base explosion, a helmet with a smoked visor can be handy... 

  • Well if not for the safety reasons, wearing a helmet would look cooler.  I'll have to see what I can dig up as the project progresses with my sub-micro budget. Haha time to get out the paper mache and baloons.

  • I'm sure you can find a 3D model for free. Then it's easy to integrate it in your shot. Nano-budget compliant ;)

  • I'll look around  4 one, thanks!

  • You're welcome :)

    keep on working on star wars stuff !

  • Already working on another segment... my eyes are hurting though, hours in front of the pc and all

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