3D models can not be used in Express

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I'm trying to follow the tutorials for the Stormtrooper army (From Rebellion) and the Star Wars space scene tutorial. But everytime I try to import in Hitfilm 4 Express, it doesn't show up under All Supported Media. I'd like to know any  solution that doesn't require any external plugins. I use Dell Inspiron i5, with Windows 10. Graphics card is Intel 500.


  • HitFilm 4 Express doesn't support 3D models.

  • Oh, that sucks... Well, is there any alternative to creating the above mentioned army/space scene?

  • Yes, create an image with a row of tiny Stormtroopers on it, then duplicate it a few times at various sizes to create more rows and put them in the scene instead of the models. All the attaching to a suitable floor point to move with the camera, masking against the foreground objects etc. you'd do just as with the models.

  • So put the bigger ones at the front and decrease the size as you go back. But I have two questions: 

    - How do I composite them into a shot with a moving camera- like the one in Rebellion?

    -Why is masking required?

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    Fulcrum, to track to a moving shot... Depending on the camera move 2-point tracking in Hitfilm might do it. Otherwise the mocha add-on (what was used in REBELLION) does camera solves, or Autodesk Matchmover is free. From Autodesk make certain you export a ".ma" file which can be imported into Express via Import Camera Data.

    Masking is required is your lines of troops aren't on a transparent background, or if anything passes in front of the troops. 

    I would just make a row or two at the same size and let the 3D placement handle depth scaling. Farther rows will have more apparent width, but I would just yse multiple copies of the same row side-by-side. Just stagger horizontal placement to break up the repeating pattern. Maybe flip a few instances 180 degrees to mirror them, although, depending on the shadows that might not work. 

  • Wait, if my rows of troops are on a black background then technically I could use the Blend mode Screen right?

    Or actually, I'll openly admit it here. I'm a Hitfilm noob, who's new to editing, so would you mind simplifying your explanation or giving/recommending a video tutorial?

  • By the way, what is the mocha add-on?

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    A blend of Screen would make the troops transparent. Add the Demult effect which will make black areas transparent. 

    Mocha is available here: https://hitfilm.com/store/hitfilm-4-express

    It's a program that allows you to track 3D camera movement (and assist with roto), and a YouTube search for "mocha Hitfilm camera solve tutorial" will bring up several options. (sorry, I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight--I'm sick. I could link a tutorial here, but I would be making the exact search I recommend then pick a result at random.)

    Mocha can be purchased here: https://hitfilm.com/store/hitfilm-4-express


    Autodesk Matchmover I'm not familiar with. I did one test to verify it works, but I don't know it that well. Again, I'd recommend a YouTube search. 

    The main thing here is that Hitfilm can treat a layer as 2D or 3D. If you have a camera track then you have 3D position data for the scene. At that point you can make a layer 3D, stick in in the world and it will just... work! 

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    Btw, I changed the title of your thread. Your original title made it sound like a bug instead of hitting a limitation od Express. You can, of course, change the title again if you don't like mine. :-) 

  • 1. The new title fits perfecto!

    2. So with mocha, I can basically rotate round a corner and show off the stormtrooper army? UPDATE: I'm not in a position to spend money so I need to use Matchmover am I right? 

    3. Get well soon ;) 

    4. How would I make realistic troopers?

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