I have broken Audio Effects?

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I love Hitfilm software, but the audio effects such as cathedral, the different room sizes, and some features of the echo are broken. They make the video choppy and don't sound particularly correct. I run RAM previews and they still cause the choppy video. When I export, the video has no audio. This issue has baffled me, as just last month, the effects worked fine. The same thing happens with Hitfilm 4 express. I am currently using Hitfilm pro 2017. Please help if you can. 


P.S.: The only effects that are exempt from this annoying glitch are the non-echo effects, so make of that what you will.


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    Some audio effects have a high compute overhead, like cathedral, and your PC performance would seem to be falling short of that necessary for realtime playback with said effect.

    As for ram preview in the composite timeline. From your report, I would guess that the ram preview is only buffering video frames and the audio is always computed live (not ram buffered). 

    If these exact effects, with the same source material, worked on the same PC last month, then something new/changed must be in the background eating up performance.

    I do see quite a jump in CPU use when cathedral is added to a timeline clip.

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    If last month the software worked fine, and now you have issues I have to ask what other software and hardware changes you might have made including OS and driver updates? It's rare for functioning software to stop working properly for no reason.

    It's always possible something in a recent Hitfilm update got glitched, mind you, but it could be something else. Just trying to cover all bases. 

  • Yeah, generally back when I used to game on my PC, the CPU/GPU slowing down tended to stutter my video... and vice versa; I upgraded my sound card at one point and my framerate went up.  Weird.

    One option is to bake in the audio effects using an external program, like Audacity or Reaper.  It's nice to be able to do it on the fly in Hitfilm, but unless your computer is super-buff all of those effects will drag it into the dirt as they're being done in realtime.  I try to preprocess as much ahead of time as I can, and that includes audio almost every time.

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     Thank you all for responding so quickly! And apologies for being so late. I have not made any changes to hardware, though windows 10 did recently update. Is it possible that that has caused it? With the effect enabled the export has no audio, so is it possible that the update caused that as well?

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