"Ruins" test sequence

Hi, here is a short sequence I made in few hours using Blender 3D to model (and destroy) some buildings, and Hitfilm Pro to give life to the scene. I love the moon / clouds interaction, Hitfilm really really rocks in lighting effects :)

I made th music in ten minutes just to give an additional climax to the sequence...




  • hi man , thats cool stuff. Great lighting effects nice job man. I have used blender for a model of a start wars tie fighter tutorials pretty cool things for free..

    great stuff bud

  • Thanks bud ;)

    Tutorials for Blender are amazing, but damn 3D modelling is sooo time consuming !!!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


  • It has a good and creepy feel about it, the dark lighting and shadows are well done.

    Look forward to more from you.

  • Thanks for watching ! In another style, but creepy again, I posted a featurette in  a topic entitled "short horror movie", if you wanna have a look (and listen !) :)

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