How long does the Pro license last?

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Hi everyone, I hope to be in the right section to ask this question.

I'm trying Hitfilm and I'm interested in buying the Pro version, but I need to be sure about one thing first:

How much does the license last? I mean: if I purchase HitFilm Pro 2017, Can I use this version as long as I want? Do I have to pay to continue using it after a certain time like it was a subscription?  


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Buy once, use forever, no additional charges for the version you have purchased. 

    I.e. Your HFP 2017 license is good forever. A future "full version" upgrade (HFP 2018) will have an upgrade cost. 

    There are active members on this forum using Hitfilm 1 and 2! There are still forum members using VisionLab, which is the forerunner to Hitfilm. 

  • thanks for your answer!! 

  • 2017 version is brand new so good time to jump on board.

  • Triem has summarised the broad strokes well (nicely done, sir). If you want something to read with your cup of tea, the full license details can be found here:

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