Cloudy Thunderstorm & Lightning Particle Scene Tutorial


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    @inScapeDigital Oh, man!  It's like you know things I need even before I do!!  This is fantastic and I think I can see a way to make a few tweaks to the tutorial to animate my Jupiter 2 flying into the sandstorm (I''m still trying to get that to look right from the Blender tutorial) with this! Thank you for this tutorial.  Don't know what your day job is, but if it's not in the film industry your VFX talent is sorely missed.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Solid technique, Javert. 

  • What I've been waiting for! Awesome sauce!

  • Thanks everyone!

    @tddavis I'm only 20 and still in college, so I don't exactly have a real day job yet. But it'll definitely be with VFX when it comes time.

  • @inScapeDigital  Ah, crap!  Now I feel really old.  My oldest grandson turns 18 this summer, and you are so much more professional with this stuff than I could hope to be...  You definitely have a future.

  • Javert, your tutorials are some of the best out there. I've subscribed to your channel. Keep 'em coming!

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