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So Mr Kramer is back with another cool AE tut this time waster effects, as per normal it looks amazing and he makes it look so simple. Simple enough for Hitfilm Pro maybe? Hitfilm had already got a couple of water droplets Tut's but these are but up to this new standard, I was wondering can some of the techniques he used be duplicated in Hitfilm?


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    All of it can. Axel and Andrew both basically did the same thing. Except Kramer manually animated his long drops, Hitfilm could do it with a particle sim. 

    Replace Turbulent Displacement with Heat Distortion, replace CC Glass with Caustics, and use a Set Matte instead of Track Matte Luma. You might have to add a light. Cc Glass has "built-in lighting," caustics doesn't. 

    Huh. I told someone else this same thing last week, I think.

    Or, instead of Caustics, use Chromanator?  

  • Yep those are what I was thinking, honest.

  • @triem23 hi if I play with Hitfilm Pro rain on glass effect I can't seem to layer effects onto just the drops it always affects the layers below eg the background. I thought u could use something like a grade to hard septate layers, but a basic grade makes no effect. Stumped.

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    A grade can seperate layer above the grade from the layers below, but adding a grade layer... The grade layer is actually a "prerender" of all layers below it. This is why effects on grades affect all layers below it (it's actually not! The effects are really just on the grade itself). 

    Out of town on a gig, so away from computer. What happens with water drop  on a plane? 

  • From what I recall nothing a plane wow or black shoes nothing but as say the grid effect and bingo it's water drop city @triem23

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  • Actually found the old tutorial the grade is used on 3d layers only to flatten them, might try this. Hope the gig is good. Cheers for reply.

  • Ok so I give up, it looks like the Rain on Glass effects can not be edited after used. By this any grade applied just to the droplets, it always seems to apply to the image that the droplet are overplayed and the droplets. I tried using a Lens blur as in the project attached but it don't work. Use any background image.

  • PS: I am trying to duplicate what Andrew did with the text pulling into focus and then the drips going out of focus. I just can't seem to apply anything to the dam drips alone. I think my cheating using the Hitfilm effect aint a good idea. Back to the drawing board.

  • Any time @Triem23 to have a look at my little project and see what I meant?

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    Andy, pm me a Dropbox link. It might be a day or two. I have an idea, however. It might be a five minute fix. If so, I can do it tonight. If not, I have two things that have to take priority. Freelance deadlines, you see. 

  • The link above is a shareable GoogleDrive link, not bothered about private just a very small project file simple stuff.


  • PS: Don't worry yourself if you top end busy, can wait.

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    Create a new composite shot:

    Drag in one of your existing black planes as the bottom layer.

    Drag in one of your existing white planes as the top layer.

    copy your rain on glass settings from the main comp to the white plane--set the black plane as the environment map layer.

    Add Threshold after the  rain on glass. You'll probably need to crack threshold all the way up to 100. We want the drops black on a white background.

    Drag this back into your main comp as an embedded composite shot. This is now the source for the Set Matte effect you'll have to use to clamp your lens blurs.

    As you've already suspected the rack focus trick doesn't work using Hitfilm's Rain on Glass effect. Kramer used a particle sim to create a luma matte that could drive distortion and DoF, but he basically built the water "by hand" using stacked effects. Hitfilm's Rain on Glass filter does the heavy lifting, but now you have to extract a luma matte from the rain on glass to do the rack focus.

  • @Triem23 Dam that looks to be it, I will try and give it a go ASAP and get something on my channel. Then  I am going to Tweet Mr Kraymer over a 24hr period about 10 times telling him and the world about it, becuase that it what he did to me :)

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    @Triem23 That kind of worked, but the Threshold only seemed to give the detail to the drips if it was above the RAIN on GLASS effect in the WHITE plane. If it was below and up to 100 the drips turned black but then the whole plan reduced to a small black circle.

    So anyway it seemed to look better in my main come and I could rack focus like you said, but there is now an odd problem that the drip layer from SET MATTE seems to be showing the drips and the transparency grid from the drips. I can't seem to get rid of them, they are being burnt in with the drips.


  • Quick update @Triem23 I sorted that transparency issue, basiclly it was becuase I was applying the set matte effect to a GRADE layer, I changed it to a black plane and this worked better. I noticed this dulled the effect somewhat making me not completely happy with the end result. So I tried something, a new plane, with the Rain on Window effect in the main comp and then used the environment map to point to the Rain effect comp, which seemed to work better and have a more water look. I can't seem to get that nice glass like look that Andrew got in his example. Oh well keep trying.

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    I'm still inclined to think at the point the particle sim would have been faster.

  • yes maybe... I was just trying to see if Hitfilm could muster up something as good or nearly as good to show of the built in capabilities of the software without too much hardwork. Ill keep playing. Maybe I will do a particle one at some point.

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    Worthy experiment (experiments are always good. That's how we learn!). I think you've just hit a limitation of the built-in effect. Certainly if doing a window replacement in a scene the Rain on Glass effect is a solid option, but it trades a bit of flexibility for speed. Sounds like you're on to something, however. Once you figure it out, hours of experiments become a minute of setup--the next time. 

  • Indeed and what was very interesting was that in my new method I seemenly was able to apply effects to the RAIN ON WALL effect, for example I used the liquidfy effect which game the pretty round drops a bit more randomness and liqud look.

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    So @Triem23 ;I did my first export last night, and the results revealed a couple of issues that hopefully can be quickly sorted. My over use of the fluid effect has left my drips looking a little bit to all over the place. I also think the main blur on the background needs to be less to show more of the behind. Anyway not uploading the vid yet, but here is a short GIF to give you guys and idea of progress.

    PS: I am toying with the idea of putting an Andrew Kramer style voice over intro, I did a rough recording of what I think he sounds like this morning and I think for comic effect its passable.

  • @triem23 bit happy with my result not good enough to challenge Mr Kramer. So try again I will.

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    @Andy001z  Quote Yoda resist the urge I must

  • @aladdin4d  got me you did.

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