Short Scene using HitFilm & Video Copilot Futuristic City Free Models

I didn't spend much time creating it but I wanted to try the Video Copilot Futuristic City Free Models. I hope you like it.

Some info about it:

HitFilm Pro 2017
+ Background:

 + 3D City Models:
+ Fog Fx: Particules Simulator & Debris Dust
+ Space Ship: Created by Herminio Nieves
- Ambient Occlusion
- FlashLight Bean (Front Light)
- Spotlight Hard (Back Light)

+ Basic Grading:
Letter Box + Classic Cinema Style + Directional Light
+ Music & Sound Library
- Video Copilot - Pro Scores & MotionPlus BlackBox


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    @Sirafilms Nice atmospherics!  I downloaded that just the other day but hadn't thought of a way to use them.  Good job.

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    @tddavis thanks! ... It's just a little try. I might create a bigger city and then make a bigger scene with more space ships. Let's see if I have a chance (free time) to do it because I make it for fun and learning. If I make I will share the city project.

  • Looks nice, like the flying cars but helps sell that depth.

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