Hitfilm on Microsoft Surface Book

I have been testing Hitfilm on a Microsoft Surface Book, while I await my new HP workstation, to see if this is the app/computer to replace my iMac running Final Cut Pro.

I like everything I see about the app but I can not get it to playback 4K video in the time line smoothly, it simply jumps and seems to be struggling to playback even a stock clip in the preview window.

I have the Surface Book with the discrete graphics card and have forced Hitfilm to use it rather than the built in graphics card, but nothing improved.

As a comparison, I also tried Sony Catalyst Edit which had no problems at all so the Surface Book is capable of 4K editing and playback, so I am obviously missing something in the setup, but then again I can not find anywhere to alter settings for Hitfilm, can someone help at all?


  • @slees can you tell us the exact specification of your Surface Book? (CPU, RAM and GPU)

  • Dual  Core i5 running at 2.4GHz with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD.

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    You left off the GPU. 

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  • Just tried it again and same response, needs to be approved.

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  • OK lets see if this picture attaches.....


  • @slees  Yep, I see it, at least I think that's what you mean; an Nvidia setting panel.

  • The dGPU is nondescript, but info on it is here: http://www.lovemysurface.net/surface-books-dgpu-worth/

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    Sorry about that, I've put you on the automatic approval list now. Damn overzealous robots :)

    So your system spec does meet the minimum requirements for Pro, which is good. However for smooth 4K editing/playback, HitFilm requires 2GB+ of GPU memory, and the screenshot indicates you have only 1GB. The way HitFilm works is to lean heavily on the GPU, which perhaps accounts for why it is smoother in Catalyst. 

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    Oh dear. Looking at the article on the dGPU, I see this: "... their high-end model (i7 processor) comes with a more powerful integrated GPU, called Iris..." and this, "Clearly, Microsoft is not capable of designing and manufacturing their own GPUs." 

    Ok, the dGPU is terrible. Now, Catalyst is running a spiffy custom render engine, where Hitfilm is Open GL based, which really comes down to raw power, and your GPU is damn near at minimum spec for Hitfilm.

    Another thing to look at is what format and codec your footage is in. The chances are your footage is highly compressed h.264 (if from a phone, tablet, action cam, DSLR or MFT camera). Hitfilm doesn't have the best h.264 performance. You can try transcoding to a better format 



    But, ultimately your hardware will limit you. 

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    Well, that is a small problem....my MAIN concern moving forward is with my HP Workstation which has an NVidia M2000 video card, I assume that will be fine?

    • GPU Memory 4 GB GDDR5 Memory
    • Interface 128-bit
    • Memory Bandwidth Up to 106 GB/s
    • NVIDIA CUDA Cores 768
    • System Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16
    • Max Power Consumption 75 W
    • Thermal Solution Active
    • Form Factor 4.376” H x 6.6 L Single Slot
    • Display Connectors DP 1.2 (4)
    • Max Simultaneous Displays 4 DP 1.2 Multi-Stream
    • Max DP 1.2 Resolution 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz
    • Graphics APIs DirectX 122 OpenGL 4.53 Shader Model 5.0 Vulkan 1.03
    • Compute APIs CUDA, DirectCompute, OpenCL
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    In theory, yes, but the m-series cards are workstation cards, generally expecting custom drivers. Hitfilm is geared for OpenGl and I don't think the M's are as good.

    @NormanPCN ;or @Aladdin4d have more information on that than I. 

  • What similarly priced card would you recommend?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Probably the Nvidia 1070.

  • You'll still need to pay attention to what codecs you use. Those can be major limiting factors in your performance also.


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