Brand New User having an issue with Sphere Effect in HFP2017

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Hi all,

I just bought HFP2017 yesterday and am having an issue with the sphere effect. As per the pictures below you can see that the map on the sphere looks slightly off , maybe on the X or Y axis. I am hoping that it is just a setting that I'm overlooking but I'm not sure as I have played with  every setting on the sphere effect and the layer.

  I have used this same map in blender and A.E. with no issues. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. 2.png



  • Yep...Same thing happens in HF4.

    Since you are a Pro users why not use a 3D model. Tony Cee made an excellent celestial pack for use in Hitfilm. The textures wrap perfectly. Here is a link to the demo video. Download link is in the Youtube description

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    Can I assume you're not using the exact copy of this map that you've uploaded here? I downloaded the exact map image you've uploaded here to test (Not like I don't have 8 other copies of this image lying around), but when imported into Hitfilm or Photoshop, the earth image is surrounded by a lot of dead black space, which is screwing up the map.

    On the other hand, using literally every other earth texture map I have, other than the one I just downloaded from this page, I don't have any scaling issues. Although I'm setting Scale Ratio to 2.0.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the reply's.


    That is an absolutely amazing pack. a lot of thought went into it. Great idea thanks.


    To answer your question yes I am using that map copy. If you are referring to Scale Ratio located in the surface texture setting it seems to work( see Pic below), if not please advise.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That's the Scale Ratio I was referring to, yes. 

    That image has black space around the edges of the map. A lot. So you're having to mess around a lot more. 

    Try this one with a scale ratio of 2 to improve mapping at the polls. 

    To fix the x-flip, load your texture into its own Composite Shot. In Transform settings for the image, click the chain icon in Scale. Set X to - 100 and Y to 100. Bring this embedded comp into your main comp and add the sphere effect to the embedded comp. 

  • Triem23

    Thanks for the help, it was much appreciated. It didn't come out as expected but I will definitely play around with it.

    thanks again. 

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