Is the Environment Map broken in the Sphere Effect in HFP2017?

Is the Environment Map broken in the Sphere Effect in HFP2017 or am I missing something?

 To reproduce:

 Make new Comp

  1. Add pretty picture media layer to be used as Environment Map
  2. Add new Plane layer
  3. Add Fractal Noise Effect (defaults) to Plane
  4. Add Sphere Effect to Plane
  5. In the Sphere Effect’s Environment Map section, select the media layer for Environment Map
  6. Note that nothing appears to happen

See attached screen shots of HFP4 and HFP2017 for comparison.

 HFP4 Sphere Env Map Working

HFP2017 Sphere Env Map Not Working


 i7-4790s, 32Gig RAM, Windows 10, Radeon R9 290x 8GB GPU




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Once you assign the Environment Map layer, twirl down the "Reflection" controls and turn that up. Seems in Hitfilm 2017 the default Reflection value is 0.0 where in Hitfilm 4 the default Reflection Value is 1.0

    Poke around in the sphere effect in 2017 a bit more--it's been rewritten and enhances, but it looks like some of the default values were changed. Notice the new "Illumination" controls! In Hitfilm 2017 a generated sphere now reacts to comp lights, which is a nice little upgrade!

  • Thanks.

    I’d vote for backward compatibility, unless there’s a compelling reason to change defaults. 

    BTW, I hit upon this issue going through the “Recreating the Videocopilot star in HitFilm” video tutorial:

    Should the new default stand, there may be other tutorials where the use of this effect may confuse. 



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Jeff, You're right. That's confusing. 

    @CedricBonnier  Sphere Effect in HFP 2017 has Reflection Amount controls defaulting to 0. Zero is off, so that's going to confuse people. Can you switch that back to the prior default of 1.0 (full) in a future update? 

    @JeffFoster note that the Fractal Noise effect in Hitfilm 2017 has also been upgraded. Three new fractal noise types have been added. Choose "Smoke" (new) and you'll get a look closer to the VideoCopilot. 

  • @Triem23 This reflection setting default value got changed on purpose. In HFP2017 we added the illumination settings to the sphere effect. The idea was to not be too confusing when turning on the illumination and it would look dark at the edge of the sphere.

    The previous behaviour is available in the "Basic" preset of the effect.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @CedricBonnier Noted. Ty.  

  • edited January 2017

    Well, call me stupid, but I can't get anything to work. It does not act like 3d space. Even going step by step with one of the video tutorials and using 360° video viewer after fruitlessly looking for environmental map.  Anyway, I still wind up with a nice star field that's a bloody flat plane. Grumbling. I spent two days futzing with this blinking mess. I guess I'll go back to my own star fields and figure this is way beyond my learning reach.

  • @DLKeur  I just used this this morning in making some changes to my latest Jupiter 2 video.  If you search for Environment map viewer in the effects it should come up.  There are two environment's that come up but you want the viewer.  Not sure which tutorial you tried but I used this one:

    The relevant part starts at 2:00 min.  I left my 2D but everything else in the scene is 3D if that makes any difference.


  • edited January 2017

    Yep, that's one of three I assiduously followed second by second on full screen. When I pan around, the edges are square, I can go through the stars out into the void beyond, and, looking around, it's a flat plane. I think I flunk Hitfilm, @tddavis .

  • @DLKeur I'm putting a HItfilm template of what I did today up on my Google drive.  I'm using 4 Pro but hopefully other versions will cooperate with it.  Dissect it, learn from it, or use it as you like.  That goes for anyone that is having trouble making one, too.

  • Thank you, @tddavis . I'll try it. If it gets me through my stupidity, you'll be a miracle worker.

  • @DLKeur  No, not me.  I stood on the shoulders of the Pros here and especially Simon's tutorial.  Without it, I'd still be trying to create a starfield.

  • @DLKeur I have a lower third on the preset marketplace using the same basics if you want another project to tear apart. 

  • @Aladdin4d : Okay. I'll grab it when I'm done with this trailer. I'm about all done in by the two days I wasted futzing around. It's time to get back on-task, then attempt the learning process, again. Thanks for the link and for being so patient with me.  I will remind everyone that, what takes you maybe moments to figure out, takes me days, so, when I tell you I'm slow, realize that means glacial. 

  • @tddavis : All RIGHT! I missed a critical something in creating a starfield using environmental mapping in HFP. It's thanks to YOU that I figured out what that critical something was. THANK YOU!  Now to try @Aladdin4d 's file ...after I try to get this fleet done using the particle emitter.

  • @DLKeur  I suspected you must have because Simon laid it out so well.  I'm having a similar problem now with a Blender Asteroid field tutorial.  I think he's using an older version and it looks different than mine and of course I'm not versed enough in it to see what that difference is.  But I will get it cause it looks awesome!!! And I want to see that little spaceship zooming around in there.

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