What are your thoughts/feedback on this text intro?

What are your thoughts everyone on this intro I did, using an old 2012 template from AGArtsCo.

Created in HF4 Express + Lights & Flares pack I bought about a year ago.



  • Ah by the way, this is the one I used by AGArtsCo as a template and guide:


  • @Triem23 & @inScapeDigital what are your thoughts?

    I am only an amateur, just for fun, hence, I only use Express at this stage and not the PRO lol ;)

  • Um....honest opinion...and no offense...

    Looks like crap :-)

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    @GrayMotion Thank you for your feedback.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yeah, not working for me either, but I don't think that's AgArtsCo's best template. 

  • Thank you @Triem23 for your honesty.

  • I can see what u went for but the layers do rather seem a little disjointed. The main explosion seems stuck on.

  • Thanks for all the feedback.  That was my best, so as a result of this, I have decided to stop trying to make beautiful cool looking text intros and leave that to the pros :)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Wrong lesson, Yeremyah. I know you can do better than this, because I've seen the 3D extrusion and Parallax test you built last week.

    Take the notes, and try again.

    Now, to elaborate or this particular template--AgArtsCo set up a 3D text that flies into frame and hangs out with a shaky camera for a few seconds then flares out. I just don't like that look--it's not a question of how well it's done, it's a question of TO ME shaking the camera at text is ugly, cheesy, and it looks like something you'd see on a sports channel or monster truck rally ad from 1999. I just think that particular type of title is bleah!

    Now, the best note you've gotten above is from Andy. GrayMotion just said he didn't like it without a why. I just said I didn't like it without a why. That didn't help you. THIS response, I've actually given you a why.

    Now, Andy said he can see what you're going for but felt the explosion looked stuck on--so Andy probably thinks that the explosion would work better if it was moving with the text. I don't have this template, so I don't know how it's set up--is the shake coming from 3D camera movement? Then make the Explosion a 3D layer and move it in Z-space and scale it until it looks good. Is the shake coming from a shake effect? Copy it to the explosion!

    What's this title for? Context helps as well. Maybe change the "Hitfilm" text to something else. Obviously a huge shaky explosion doesn't work if the title is "Dinner with my Girlfriend," but it might work if the title is, "Two Guys Fighting!"

  • It would be very sad if you just up and quit, @Yeremyah .

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    @Triem23 Here is the link to the file so you can see for yourself:


    This intro was just for a bit of fun.  But if it turned out good, I would have used it as an intro for one of my upcoming ministry videos.

    Thank you for explaining why you didn't like it.

  • @Yeremyah : Well, then, don't!

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    I want to say I aploigise for being so abrupt with the "crap" statement. Sometime my inner A comes out.

    I had a hell of a time figuring out 3D text, camera movement and backgrounds. Everything I made looked like "crap".

    I had to take a step back and work on one element at a time. I left the text as just 3D with no textures just so it was there when I was working. First I went to town on the elements other that text i.e the background(s) and foregrounds.

    Although Hitfilm is not a motion graphics editor it is capable of fairly decent title cards.

    Most of those examples I shared with you in PM have  4 cameras, 3 background plates, 3D elements 18+ layers of clouds/particles, 2+ flares and several layers of dust elements. As you saw they are fairly detailed but they are built by professionals that do it for a living.

    Same thing can be done in Hitfilm...just takes time to build things from scratch that you are truly happy with. As for "flashy" 3D text..you can use Blender to make your text and camera moves and then import them into Hitfilm. I bet with determination you could have a decent piece of 3D text using Blender within 2 weeks...it is not that hard and there are plenty of tutorial on how to do it.

    But also extrude does a great job with text, just no bevels or "shinny" text.

    As Mike mentioned we have seen you do better text  so it is evident you have the skills to do it....you're just getting frustrated and I can feel your pain. Been there. Still there at times :-)

    This was built in Hitfilm - text pre-rendered in Motion -


    Get past the text for a moment and look at the elements in the back ground and the flare.

    -The background stars comes right from my camera. 

    -There is a light blue layer masked out and feather like crazy to create the blue glow in the middle.

    -The clouds come from several stock cloud images found on Google. I simply mask a bunch of them out and arrange them into a static transparent png image in their own comp changed the hue on the clouds and dropped the opacity. Turned the cloud layer 3D added a camera and animated it.

    -Then there is 2 dust layers, another cloud layer - these are all pre-keyed media that I have. The flare media was colorized from yellow to blue,  adjusted it to show up at a certain time and place fading in with opacity.

    -The camera is just a single move spinning  rotating from the left to center

    The text - I know this is the heart of what your after and I'm showing it only to show that pre keyed images can be put together nicely in Hitfilm- I animated text and the movements in Motion - rendered out the title and dropped it in to HF. I had to fiddle a bit with the two cameras moves from different softwares - but it didn't hurt too bad. I consider it a valuable learn'n lesson considering I'd never tried it :-)

    Now I know what your going to ask.. but before you do there is a plethora of After Effects, and Motion 5 tutorials out there to learn from when it comes to making title backgrounds. Give them a look. Don't get confused by different controls and effects but rather just watch the way the author puts it all together, Almost everything can be done in HF just as well--just takes a bit more work.

    btw- I actually dread building titles. Most look like crap :-)

  • Thank you @GrayMotion :)

    Btw, your text title looks great.

  • @Yeremyah -

    I'm eating my words here. Hitfilm can produce shinny text when using 3D extrude.


    Short demo...no audio. The environment map is a handy little item.

    I took the liberty of using your handle as example text. Hope you don't mind.

  •  Now, that was a very helpful video tutorial, @GrayMotion !

  •  ah....sorry for the cheap one off example. I was driving the new PC and was to lazy to fire up the Mac/Screenflow and make a real tutorial - I'll do better in future ;-)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @GrayMotion nothing wrong with a cheap text-only one off. I've done a few of those myself, and they're a lot faster to whip out than a full capture--especially if you've been an idiot and not outlined what you're doing... Tonight I scrapped a recording 20 minutes in and went back to the top, because I was sounding like I didn't know how to build my own damn preset! 

  • Actually, guys, @GrayMotion 's was easier for me to follow than the screen capture ones.  I prefer text instructions with illustrations...because hitting the pause button and trying to catch all the little changes done by the operator is tedious.  You guys and, yes, even me, don't realize, how fast we move on the computer. I did a screen capture of a what I consider a simple process using PS.  The complaint was that viewers couldn't follow my actions.  The questions were: how did I get this to happen and that to happen.  It would just 'appear done'.  Well, that's because it's second nature to be doing keystrokes along with mouse, touch, or stylus movement, and we often don't even realize we're doing it and don't screen capture that in. 

  • @DLKeur Personally I'm in 100% agreement with you. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Aladdin4d @DLKeur  I tend to prefer text will illustrations, but, for those I'll search out an article, blog or book. I expect a more screencap style in a video.

    Ideally, one would be able to do a screencap and annotate with text overlays and arrows and zooms, but that adds a lot of time in post... 

  • Yes, it does. And, for most stuff, @Triem23 , I'm about yawning with, okay, okay. Fast Forward to the stuff that isn't just graphic arts 101.  But. Hitfilm, for all its being very user-friendly, is like my wizard uncle's study--all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies holding magic that you never realized was there until you stumble onto it. :)

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    Talking about nooks and crannies @DLKeur - if I'd been smart(er) I'd have realized while pointing out the material section for lighting I might should have added that angle dependency under Environment Map does much for reflection! uh wbtw - I didn't even touch....um

    my 2c's here - for actually learn'n I actually prefer 5 minute videos, but not overloaded with extras and fast talking, screen jumping meme's. Nice chunks of the actually effect. I like when text is mixed and overlay zooms boxes on the control while main effect is on screen. 

    Don't mind the 30 - 50 minute tuts on ideas, concepts , camera moves, and compositing techniques though. God know's I need help there.

    edit - I do want to say one thing about Hitfilm's regular text. It's jagged out of the box. I noticed that if I cranked the anti-alias up to 32 the edges of the environment map really smooth out when the camera was close to text. Note to self.

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    @GrayMotion : I'm not much into any tutorials done in video. If I can find the instructions in a text version, I can absorb that in a quarter to an eighth of the time it takes me to learn it via video. Video snips showing things that are intricate are good, like @Triem23 's new tutorial on photon torpedos I just watched. (strike through added by Triem23 who knows nothing of a yet unreleased photon torpedo tutorial)  But, again, I'll be sitting there going frame by frame to match it in order to even begin to get it right.

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