This HF Text Intro looks great, like AE!

This intro looks gorgeous, like AE intros.

What are your thoughts everyone?

Is this your work @inScapeDigital ? Are you "AGArtsCo" as AGArtsCo has links to


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    AGArtsCo is it's own entity, and had done some of the best titling and mograph work around in Hitfilm. He has a few tutorials on their Youtube feed, but I think they all date back to Hitfilm Ultimate 2, so you'll have to contend with a lighter shade of gray in the UI and a couple of different button shapes. Otherwise, everything in their tutorials works as shown up through Hitfilm 2017.

    AgArtsCo has links to the Hitfilm Preset Marketplace as a couple of his templates are featured there.

    Given that this particular template say it's compatible with Hitfilm 4 Pro and 2017, I'm gonna guess it's mostly Boris 3D Extruded text. This would be the exact same Boris Unit Ae would use, so it's not surprising.

    EDIT: After poking around a bit on his site--yup, this template is all about the Boris.

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    @Triem23 that text AGArtsCo did looks amazing, top quality.

    If someone buys HF PRO 2017, they get Boris 3D Objects for LIFE, even all the Boris 3D updates into the future?

  • @Triem23 This intro looks awesome too, seems like a few top quality intros for HF are coming out:

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    Nope, if you buy Hitfilm Pro 2017, you get the BCC 3D Units that ships with HFP 2017, and only works with 2017, and will work alongside 2017 as long as you run 2017. You don't get any upgrades from Boris beyond any updates and patches for BCC 3D Units/HFP 2017

    Note Boris sells BCC 3D Units for $299 for other compatible hosts, so having it bundled in HFP is really a bargin.

    Now, if Boris would make the rest of the BCC 10 modules Hitfilm compatible I would update my BCC 8 for Vegas Pro. 

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