THE HOST Animated Series (4K Hitfilm Project)

THE HOST animated series teaser trailer!

The Host - character designs

For years I have not only been honing my craft, which is heavily influenced by the Japanese style of animation, but I have also been searching for the right software to properly and expertly composite my animation project. A few months ago I discovered HitFilm and have been teaching myself all the nuances with ease, thanks to the brilliant interface and easy to navigate hub. I have been able to easily composite parts of my animation, and am racing to get more done in the near future... and I hope to have a Kickstarter up later this year. I have easily put over 400 hours into this project since fall of 2016.  Bits of the animation are done in 8K, but even my i7-based computer struggles with this, so I'm mostly focusing on a native UltraHD presentation (TV-standard 4K / 2160p). Thank you, HitFilm team, for such an amazing product! I highly anticipate future updates and added features. It's not just live-action film editors that are interested in HitFilm; we animators have taken note of your software, too! Though I guess I can really only speak for myself, as I am currently a one-man team, haha

Compositing mockup


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    Hope you put together a demo to show. You've peaked my interest.

    Ah, while scrolling back up I noticed the link. You have a demo.

    Looks good! It's neat to see people use HF in different ways. I don't think we've had too many serious animators chiming in. We've had a few Lego buffs but a lot of users try to go for the realism of FX. Glad to know folks in your field can be drawn to HF too! And you're right. It's easy to learn.

    You may want to use the 'share' link on youtube in the future. Copy and paste it directly here and it will show up without observers having to leave the HF site. Check the start time below the 'share' link so it starts at zero or any other point you may want.

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     You're the second cel animator to pop up in the last week. Glad Hitfilm is helpful in your work!

    Animation and design samples in the teaser look really good! There's always an insane amount of work in an animated project, and it takes real passion to one man band it. The passion shows in the footage!

    I hope you have a successful launch. 

  • @Triem23- I must have missed the first. Now I have to go looking.           

  • Thank you all for the advice and feedback!  Much appreciated!

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