Earth defense - my first Hitfilm-Project

I made it for educational purpose with Hitfilm and the first time ever I worked with 3-D-Models. It's amazing, what Hitfilm makes possible.


  • I like it! 

    I find getting the lights to interact with the textures properly is the toughest part of Hitfilm's lil 3D module but still pretty good for unified 3D.

    Keep on trucking  :-)

  • Well done!!!

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    Wow just made my recent space attempt look a bit rubbish. Loved the x wing coming out of the garage, so well lit and shake/blur on the burn for the engines what effect was that?

  • Nicely done. I agree about the garage. Pretty cool.

    I think the X-wing open position had the model intersecting with itself. The anchor and rotation may be off. I've not looked at the VCP X-wing model. I have one from Turbosquid. I had to fiddle a bit to find the correct anchor for the rotation. 

  • A whole lot of awesome work. Some rough spots, but I'm sooo envious. This is so way better than anything I could do.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Overall, nice work! To note a mon VFX shot, that first shot of the motorcycle helmet with that stark lighting is very sexy! 

    I like the lighting on the X-wing coming out of the garage, but I'm gonna be picky and say that's an awful tiny X-wing (cars behind it give the relative scale). ;-) I know, you were cheating the size to get the shot.

    Lighting and material settings are the most difficult things to set up correctly when blending models and footage. You did that well. There are a few little bits where an effect is a little glitchy (Norman talked about correcting X-Wing wing anchors, and one shot of the cruiser has engine glow shining through the belly armor), but this is a very impressive first film. 

    You obviously learned a lot making it, and your future projects will just be better. 

    Well done! 

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    Okay. @Triem23 and others who are the highly skilled folks around here went through all the tech stuff. Now, I'm going to just tell you the one thing that stuck in my head after all was said and done: With that fighter launching out of a parking garage, WTF happened to the cars in its jet wash? Toast? Molten blobs? I'm glad my racing 'Stang wasn't parked in there! :)  ...Oh, and ditto what @Trem23 said about 'small-looking fighter' in relation to the garage door. That struck me, too.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DLKeur hey, when saving Earth from Imperials, a few cars sacrificed for the greater good are a small price to pay! 

  • Insurance companies here in the U.S. would not appreciate that sentiment, I'm afraid, @Triem23 ! ;)

  • @DLKeur Just tell your insurance company the damage was from a jet powered car leaving that garage down the street.

  • @HitFilmer266398 - Nicely done! May the force of good health be with you too. Hope to see more from you in the future.

    @Triem23  - "I like the lighting on the X-wing coming out of the garage, but I'm gonna be picky and say that's an awful tiny X-wing (cars behind it give the relative scale). ;-) I know, you were cheating the size to get the shot."

    I noticed that too. I think I would have taken a separate pic of the garage interior from the same angle (or a single frame might be easier) and mask out the doorway behind the main shot and reduced the size of the cars on the lower layer. Maybe drop the cars back in 3D space? Would that work?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @StormyKnight yeah some sort of matte painting on the back wall of the garage would work. Your idea would work... Putting in a blank wall and adding a semi truck would certainly make the door become "huge."

    I feel bad nitpicking the shot because the lights and materials are so spot on! It's a fantastic composite, but an X-wing is just too big for a garage. 

    An A-wing,  on the other hand, is a perfect fit. ;-) 

    Hitfilmer266398 don't feel bad about the occasional critique or nitpick. We all do it to each other hear. Catching the small details makes us all better. This is still a fun short, and very impressive for your first time in Hitfilm. Again, again, especially the lights and materials on the garage shot. Getting a CG car or spaceship to blend with video is really hard to do, and you really did well. 

  • Cars? What cars. I can't believe anyone saw cars. 


    Thanks a lot for all your comments. Most of them are realy helpful. At the beginning, it was ment as a joke to my neighbour. He bought a Tesla an I wanted to show him, that we have something much stronger in the garage.  That's the reason for the shot with the garage and the cars behind. But of course you're right, the relative scale is not as it should be.

    I fixed some details (except correcting X-Wing wing anchors. Because I’ve learned, that I have to change my workflow with 3d-models.). I like the idea with the matte painting.  So I tried this as a further step of learning hitfilm.

    Once again, thanks a lot.

  • Good job!  I have two suggestions.

    One... I feel that a jump cut from the X-wing easing out of the garage to the overhead shot is a bit too abrupt.  I felt that a quick fade there would be a bit smoother, but it's a matter of taste.

    Two, the hyperspace jump at the end didn't seem to be edited properly.  The cockpit view cuts out before the effect finishes, leaving you with what starts as a POV shot from the interior, ending as an exterior with no logical transition.  You probably just need to extend the cockpit layer so that it fits over the entire shot.

    Keep it up...

  • I loved it, with two teeny, tiny notes. ;)

    After the X-Wing leaves the garage the sudden increase in speed as it turns away doesn't quite gel. Sometimes something going slowly makes it seem faster (6 Million Dollar Man anyone? "Dun Dun Dun Duuuuun" ). I was wondering if you had some sort of freeze frame and Bulgy Warp distortion emanating from the X-Wing, then it stretching itself off  with a sudden 'Whoosh' would convey the increase in speed more clearly?

    That and the 'fall out of warp' hiccup, which is probably what Steve is commenting on above. I was confused as to what was actually happening.

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