Preview problem with mp4 files

Hi all,

we've come across a problem with previewing long full HD mp4 file (about 40 minutes).

When the file is on the timeline in the Edit section, and the whole file is visible on the timeline, the film and the sound gets shattered. It doesn't happen when I zoom in on a certain fragment and play it.

I have a good PC Windows 10, i7, 16GB RAM, GForce NVIDIA 650.

It seems as though the program did not manage to use the PC resources, if you know what I mean.

MIND THIS - I only get this problem in HitFilm Pro 217. It doesn't happen in Hitfilm Ultimate 2, all ok here.

Any idea what could be the problem? It really is a pain and disqualifies this program for my work...

Please help.

Regards, Adam

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